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  1. Tam o’Shanter !!

    Winter hat doesn't do AS much sanity. I do agree that the numbers could use a tweak though.
  2. Tam o’Shanter !!

    According to the code, the Tam o' Shanter SHOULD be twice as effective as the tophat. It has the same heating power as the winter hat.
  3. Anything in this game is limited without player effort. Some effort has to be put in to get something out.Finite means there is a limited number. In reality, the resource is not finite, but infinite, unless we account time. Like most games, we don't really need to account time, because when we stop, the game world stops.
  4. Actually, they're an infinite resource.Silk and twigs are both infinite. Therefore, nets are infinite.Butterflies spawn at flowers.Butterflies can spawn flowers.Therefore, flowers, and unlimited.
  5. Got The Ice Staff!

    5/30 = 1/6 != .2
  6. Got The Ice Staff!

    Well, the problem with that is that's hardly exact data. It's totally within reason that at a 1/12 spawn rate you get 1/6 spawns. That's just the random nature of statistics.We can just look at the files and quickly deduce exact statistical certainties.
  7. Got The Ice Staff!

    Actually, we don't need statistical evidence._Q_ and I both found the code, and it's a .2 or 1/5 chance of drop.
  8. Got The Ice Staff!

    It's the same exact chance, looking at the code. 1/5 ice hounds, I think.
  9. Easiest way to kill the deerclops!

    Wow. That was unexpected.
  10. Pan flutes are going to be limited in use by the fact that they now require mandrakes to make.
  11. Insanity Puzzle :D

    We solved that awhile ago. The picture is a zip file, and if you save it it's a picture of Wilson scared of the insanity monsters.
  12. It's their, not the, which implies that something other than you ends, and that's YOUR beginning, hence the other theories.
  13. The morse code was already figured out in this thread.
  14. All the characters that die die on day one... a beginning... very interesting.EDIT:Dr. Derpenstein just had an idea about the meaning, I think it's pretty fitting.I noticed they all died on day one, right? Their end is our beginning...We can start worlds that begin with winter /on day one/.
  15. Their end is your beginning... what if it has something to do with all of the characters dying in the video?