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  1. Winter hat doesn't do AS much sanity. I do agree that the numbers could use a tweak though.
  2. According to the code, the Tam o' Shanter SHOULD be twice as effective as the tophat. It has the same heating power as the winter hat.
  3. Anything in this game is limited without player effort. Some effort has to be put in to get something out.Finite means there is a limited number. In reality, the resource is not finite, but infinite, unless we account time. Like most games, we don't really need to account time, because when we stop, the game world stops.
  4. Actually, they're an infinite resource.Silk and twigs are both infinite. Therefore, nets are infinite.Butterflies spawn at flowers.Butterflies can spawn flowers.Therefore, flowers, and unlimited.
  5. Well, the problem with that is that's hardly exact data. It's totally within reason that at a 1/12 spawn rate you get 1/6 spawns. That's just the random nature of statistics.We can just look at the files and quickly deduce exact statistical certainties.
  6. Actually, we don't need statistical evidence._Q_ and I both found the code, and it's a .2 or 1/5 chance of drop.
  7. It's the same exact chance, looking at the code. 1/5 ice hounds, I think.
  8. Pan flutes are going to be limited in use by the fact that they now require mandrakes to make.
  9. Perhaps you could treat it like the other "farms." In most of the farms you need manure to re-fertilize the grass or the berries after a few cycles.You could make it so that after maybe 20-30 honey produced you have to put a new honeycomb in.
  10. No, see, what happens is when the game updates it verifies every file, not just add the new ones. During the verification it'll replace any files that aren't the same as the ones in the new version. Therefore they'll replace the old files.
  11. When the game updates, every file will be updated, so you'll be fine dear. However, it wouldn't hurt to delete your scripts forlder, if need be.
  12. They actually lowered the sanity penalty for wormholes, so sorry, but that's not a WX-78 perk.