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Bee Mask Suggestion - Harvest your bees without Trouble

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Arctiq    10

I was wondering if there could be a bee mask? Because sometimes when I try to harvest my honey, I get attacked by my bees. It would be cool to have a bee mask (in the hat slot of the inventory thingy) so you won't take damage from bees from your bee harvester? Or maybe some kind of spray that will make the bees tame so they won't sting you?

The bee mask would be created like this: 15 pieces of silk, 5 twigs

The spray would be created like this: 20 berries, 10 flowers, 5 pieces of honey

You could spray it on the harvester so only those bees would be tamed. It wouldn't work on normal bee hives.

Either one of those suggestions could work, but I'm worried about the OP-ness of the bee mask.

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