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  1. Oh... I'm a noob... Lol. I only played 11 hours of this game...
  2. I was wondering if there could be a bee mask? Because sometimes when I try to harvest my honey, I get attacked by my bees. It would be cool to have a bee mask (in the hat slot of the inventory thingy) so you won't take damage from bees from your bee harvester? Or maybe some kind of spray that will make the bees tame so they won't sting you? The bee mask would be created like this: 15 pieces of silk, 5 twigs The spray would be created like this: 20 berries, 10 flowers, 5 pieces of honey You could spray it on the harvester so only those bees would be tamed. It wouldn't work on normal bee hives. Either one of those suggestions could work, but I'm worried about the OP-ness of the bee mask.
  3. I thought this would be a cute idea. Instead of using the hammer to break down structures (when you want to move camp) you could use this type of magic called "condensing magic" and basically shrink the structure and put it in your pocket. And when you want to take it out again, it would un-shrink the structure and function normally without having to re-make the structure.
  4. This has been suggested multiple times. Although I do agree that multiplayer is nice and all, it shouldn't be like Minecraft where you can have like, 64 people in one server. It should limit to 4-man co-op. With a bigger island with the number of people you have in the game. (for instance, a huge island with 4 people, bigger than an island that will generate when you have, say 2 people).
  5. I am loving this game! I survived 6 nights on my very first run! But I have a few suggestions. I was wondering if you could make it so that when you put a piece of equipment (like an ax or a pickax) into your bag, and you right click on that item in the bag (when you already have an item equipped), the item goes into the same spot in the bag rather than back into your inventory. Because I like putting my tools and some of my food into my backpack and it's really annoying having to drag it back into my backpack. Also is it possible to make the games resolution fit my entire screen? There's an annoying black boarder around it... I tried making the resolution fit that of my current resolution for my screen, but it still has the boarder.