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Are you a hunter like me?

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There was a time when starting a new game was so boring for me. Foraging for berries and carrot, gathering twigs, grass, woods, splints, rocks, etc then trying to find gold to set up a base. I have once survived hundreds of days with quite an elaborate base, but at that time the game turned to be a tedious routine. My impression was "if you're willing to do all the tedious routine, you can live forever". It felt like a job you hate. I'm not very interested to go that way again.


But my passion with the game got reignited when I started to be a hunter. I start the game without berries and carrot, but with more stuff to kill. You eat what you kill. I'd just craft an axe and start hunting rabbits. If I'm not lucky enough with it, I craft that grass armor and man-mode versus a lone beefalo if I can find one. Second day the frogs start to spawn and they are so eager for me as I am for them. At night Merms charging at me out of nowhere, potentially lethal with only grass armor. Though I assume the game isn't very optimized for such play and you eventually run out of bigger thing to kill pretty fast, the action felt fun and alive.


I usually play it quite casually, like how I play Spelunky (the roguelike platofrmer game), with online music or Dota tournaments stream in the back. I have done it a number of times (don't really remember) and I'm eager to repeat it all over again, trying out different setups.


I'm excited with the new DLC coming, with more cycle and biomes and potentially more stuff to hunt.


Is there another hunter spirit out there?

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I prefer tricking my prey pitting mob against mob while laughing maniacally, However I have only ever survived 180 days max and never completed my ultimate base plans so I always have work to do...

I've been there. A big herd of beefalos are strong. I built my base nearby and run to them if problem comes. Once a deerclops came and almost wiped a huge herd with his cleave attack.


However I recently discovered that I can basically fight 1 on 1 with bosses such as deerclops, spider queen, and treebeard with spear, log suit, and the pig helmet. For safety I always keep spare log suit and helmet in case the ones equipped break. A big herd of hounds is the one hurting me the most. I like it when they can hurt me a lot xD

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How did you catch them?

I'd just attack them in a way that blocks its escape path to its hole. Some rabbits are very agile and you will never hit them. Some are slower and can be hit. I usually try 4 times, if no hit I change target. Though I remember hitting one in 6th try.

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Been trying this challenge, it's quite fun. Here are some good additional thigns:


-Set pigs and tallbirds to less, because they can help you hunt.


-Don't craft any traps at all. Except maybe bird traps. 


-Every tenth day of summer, you may craft 1 Basic Farm. Just to give yourself some kind of sense of "improving".


-No fertilizing farms.


-No using bird in a bird cage to get crop seeds. Using it to get eggs are fine, but you must give it Monster Jerky only.


-When you encounter pigs in a pig village, use a virtual dice roller to roll a two-sided die to see if they are friendly or hostile. If they're friendly, you are free to recruit them and do whatever, but no attacking them. If they're hostile, you must attack them. You can never recruit the pigs from the hostile village. If the pigs aren't outside (i.e it is night), you don't have to roll the dice. If you encounter them at daytime, you have to roll the dice before taking anything.


-No making your own pig village. You can build pig houses at an already existing pig village to expand it though.


-No fishing.


-No recruiting bunnymen.


-For every 20 days you've been with the pigmen, you may recruit one. So, for example, on the 40th day, you may recruit 2 pigmen. Exception: Recruit all the pigmen you want to help you fight a boss monster (i.e the Deerclops, Treeguard, or Spider Queen, oh my!)

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I don't think I could play like that, well atleast not for the first few days xD


I'd say after day 15 I switch to my "hunter" mode with meat only (playing as wickerbottom)

By that time I've usually secured myself a pig village and atleast 2 spider dens no less than a days travel.


From there on out it's monster meat hunting, werepig transforming, and jerky drying. The occasional boomerang finds it's way into a rabbit for some quick cooked morsels on the go and most of the time I'm lucky enough to find a koalafant or a beefalo group to slowly thin.

Living just on jerky? Yep. I usually have anywhere between 12-20 drying racks on the go on a successful game and a few surplus meats'll go into a meaty stew from time to time.


I do it all with armor though and ever plentiful hambats lol

-On a side note... never ever built a farm, never in any play through >.< Don't end up needing any with the jerky diet

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Holy cow. I tried this challenge and loved it, part of me wanted to do all the normal stuff, but the other half wanted to kill and survive. this is my epic story of sheer luck doing this challenge:

I just made a world with the robot. and I found A clockwork setpiece with bishops knights and a rook. so luck happens. a pig goes and attacks a rook. the rook attacks. it knocks a tree down. a tree is next to it. by a 1% chance a treegaurd spawns and attacks the rook. the rest of the clockworks attack him. he kills all of them. so now I have free marble, evil flowers, gears (to upgrade with and ice boxes), purple gems, living logs, pig meat, cut stone, and boards. BRING IT

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