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  1. Excellent mod! Very good to use with Charcoal Burner mod that lets you harvest ashes from fire pit.
  2. This is beautiful. It says out of date and compatibility unknown but still works on my RoG save. A little update will be excellent, just to make it look good by saying that it's up to date and good compatibility. I rather disagree with the durability idea though. I'd prefer it to be simple like now. The mod Map Revealer is very popular, meaning many people are tedious to uncover the whole map. So this compass mod balance it out a little. Exploration can be fun, but when you have explored enough and it starts to feel tedious, you can just use the compass to find where you want to go.
  3. Looks like the rabbit holes are not showing up here.
  4. joe331

    Golden Spear

    Small but solid mod, following the pattern of default tools created with twigs and and flints that upgrade into golden version. I also edited the mod to require 4 twigs, 1 rope, and 2 gold to follow the pattern of original golden tools that requires 4 twigs and 2 gold always (golden axe, golden pickaxe, golden shovel).