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  1. I would like to share my experience of Citadel Servers = Avoid like the plague. I first used Citadel Servers in May 2015, almost 2 years ago. I rented a basic server and for the first few months and enjoyed it, very few problems, quick customer support. I cancelled it after 2 months and took a break before I went back to it in November 2015 for a larger slot server (12). This is where the problems first started: My server was loaded with pretty basic mods, and at 12 players was Unplayable, even when disabling the mods it wouldn't function past 8 players. Mid November I asked them to downgrade the server slots despite having already paid for more. The next 7 days of the server was again Unplayable as I sent numerous tickets in re: the server randomly disconnecting, rolling back after 20 minutes of gameplay, not booting correctly and after plenty of responses assuring me it'd been fixed I gave up, as all they ever did was reset and disable my mods. So I was done. Cancelled my server with them on 19/11/2015. On the 23/11/2015 they billed me for the server, took the money via paypal and claimed I hadn't cancelled even though I had the email confirmation. I provided paypal with the email confirmation from Citadel and was refunded a few days later. A month later an automatic payment went out again to Citadel, and as I found out from Paypal (Something not made expressly clear or mentioned at all by Citadel in the payment discrepancy from the month previous) that now when you cancel your server it doesn't automatically cancel the automatic monthly payment as it had previously done when I cancelled my server in July that year. I chalked it up to loss and vowed never to trust them with my money again. Roll on January this year, I was having difficulty finding hosts for DST servers and cautiously logged into citadel to check prices when I found my account with £20 credit. Maybe a bit of it was that December '15 payment I never got back? Who knows. So a year later everything is in the past, sure I had a bad time with them in the past but heck, it was my first experience with hosting companies. So having seen this thread and the announcement of the caves and their linking service I decided to use that credit to order 2 servers to try it out. On the 24/1/17 I ordered the servers, sent the ticket for linking in, and got to work setting up the first server. The next day the server wouldn't work, we were greeted by a "Host is blocked" error which I assume was on their end, but alas my ticket on that issue was responded to within a few hours. So we played out the rest of that month on the credit having never used the second server caves that was paid for as they were never set up like Citadel had advertised - during this time I re-familiarized myself with what put me off this company in the first place and concluded I shouldn't hold my breath. So as that technically free month came to an end, it generated my bill for the next one. Pffftt, nice try Citadel, luckily I never entered my payment details again and cancelled the servers and sent them a very toned down email explaining my lack of interest in their services due to their lack of interest in their customers to which I received an apology for being "overlooked", an offer of a free month, and a "We are suprised you never alerted us to this sooner" - Well seeing as how your response time to my first ticket was a mere few hours, and the response to the linking was 30 days, I just assumed you had terrible customer service and was in the habit of taking peoples money for services you have no intention/or can't provide and really I'm done with your company, it's too much effort. ALAS. That is what I thought until I started getting Billing notification emails from them for the Cancelled servers. Middle of March this year I started receiving these invoices. I contacted them, clarified I'd cancelled, got a response saying they'd look into it, Done. Nope. Even after that those emails kept coming, by the end of march I'd had 7 invoices and reminders. I contacted them again, was told they'd look into it again, and now on Wednesday 19th April they've started coming through again. I'd save them to junk but I like to hold onto them to showcase how persistently bad their customer service is, which even borders on harassment at this point. 17 invoices and billing notifications for cancelled servers, and I'm sure more is yet to come. Worst example of a game hosting company I've come across, and as I dug out, back in 2015 they often seem to be quite koi with where "their" servers were located as I've come across a ticket I sent them regarding my server based in bristol coming back with a london based I.P, which surprisingly they never answered, and upon further digging appeared to belong to a larger game hosting company. So if you'd like to rent from a company that rents from another company, has terrible customer service, and harasses you after you leave them, Citadel's for you.
  2. What do you do with monster meat?

    I literally use monster meat to give to Pigmen. Having 4 monster meat - Give 1 to a pigman, use him to help you chop down some trees (get some extra use out of him lol), then feed him the other 3 once you're done, watch him transform, kill him, and you've got yourself 1 pig skin and 2 large meat Enough for a hambat/football helmet as well - Plus they respawn every 2-3 days I believe so they're a good resource if you're making jerky
  3. So! Tell me what do you think? I think it's great. I often play kind of co-op with friends, each in our own world using skype encountering our own problems. Being able to do that on 1 map, awesome! Unfortunately that means I won't be able to get away with the mods though xD Darn vanilla players lol Are you excited or disappointed? Why? Excited. I'm not used to this whole game updating stuff. I grew up with "When you buy a game, you buy a finished product" and when it comes to DLC and add ons, EA has had my hands in my pockets more times than I'd like to reveal. So the fact this game is still so minimally priced for all the work thats gone into it, and still continuing to happen - Even Multiplayer! Wow, they sure are a company that know how to keep their fans happy for sure. Do think DST will effect Don't Starve for the better or for worse? Why? Better. I don't see how it could be worse. It's entirely optional, you don't have to play multiplayer if you don't want to, DS isn't going to change, it isn't about to uproot it's values, it's just growing an extra branch. What do you think will have to be balanced to make multiplayer playable? Enemies would have to be scaled most definitely, perhaps a multiplyer based on how many players in each map. Do you think that with the addition of multiplayer some loose ends in the story might be patched up? Nope, and do I care? Ehh, not all that much. While I like the fact the story is there, I've got the jist of it, been playing a year and still haven't unlocked Maxwell. Only stepped into adventure mode once. Perhaps I'm wrong here then, but I didn't think any of the multiplayer mods were actually functional, I mean I know it was something people were working towards but... You'll always encounter things like that with these games and I'm sure the people with the skill set to do that is what inspired Klei to go there. Also more content? It's got a whole ton of content, and the other main reason is that this game isn't very resource heavy on laptops or desktops, which is great news for people like me using ancient pc's xD But all in all, we don't know much about it yet, but I'm still stoked for it, I don't see anyway in which it could be a bad thing.
  4. I totally agree there. It shouldn't be too hard, inconvenient yes, but hard? Nah I think the inconvenience factor would be way more fun than it being a mass amount of tricky resources that leaves you wondering "Do we really waste all this stuff on x person" Instead, imagine "Goddamnit x, you had to die all the way over there!? You're on the other side of the map" "You're going to go resurrect him" "No you're going" "No I went last time, you can go resurrect him" I think that sort of attitude is probably the most appealing endearing factor of multi-player. So to summarise, probably using the Amulet to resurrect, but it has to be at their death location. -Imagine the fun during winter or summer xD lol
  5. Mistakes I've Made

    Knocking down all the beehives for honeycomb, and then realising I needed bees for the boxes. That was recently I'm sad to say. Unlocking Webber was another misfortune and surprise.
  6. How can newbies discuss?

    Never give up! Granted, you might decide it's not a bother to you what others think, but that could very well be because you're comfortable on the forums, others may not be as much so. But then it's an issue of being all PC. Do I care if someone is snarky to me? Not particularly, yet it causes me concern when I see it happening to someone else. Nosey, or Caring? This is certainly a difficult one. I guess it depends on where the line is and how well acquainted individuals are with it since the only other alternative is to 'override' any negativity on a newbies question is to publicly disreguard the snarky poster's comments or call them out. Which really seems like more hassle than it's worth. And now I bring myself into the thinking it's not so much futile as it is informative. Discussing it without any real conclusion or ending leads us I think to become more aware of the situation rather than finding any way to stomp it out - and that in itself is the way to stomping it out? Pretentious Overload. Ack, my head hurts.
  7. How can newbies discuss?

    Oooh a retail buddy. I know the pain. That to me is more of a reason not to let something be interpreted any other way than what is was meant :3
  8. Tips on defeating the autumn giant?

    I had a hard time defeating Bearger. I gotta admit though, I'm useless at kiting. I just cannot get the timing right and spent the entire fight landing two hits, getting my hambat smacked halfway across the screen, running back to get it, and repeat. Perhaps it's the funky AI but I found he didn't really charge and since I was back and forth grabbing my hambat every 5 seconds, I guess I was going in and out of aggro range? (Possibly how I avoided his ground slam attack thing) But I couldn't dodge the swipes at all. I'm wondering though can someone confirm if un-equipping your weapon and re-equipping it between his strikes works to avoid having the 'fetch the hambat' mini-game going on during the boss battle? Failing that, has anyone got any video of kiting him?
  9. How can newbies discuss?

    While I get that we can all have bad days, but I still don't think it's an issue of people getting over it. We don't get people taking to the forums to then point out 'x was a bit snarky to me when they answered my question', we have people feeling somewhat unsure of whether to be a part of a community that they've seen be a bit judgemental to them with most of the time an honest (un-answerable by the wiki) question. They don't deserve any hostility or negativity for being new to either the game or how forums work and they probably shouldn't have to read between the lines to figure out if someone is being a smartypants at their expense. Easiest method of all, eliminate any possibility of the post being taken any other way than it's supposed to surely?
  10. How can newbies discuss?

    Meh, perhaps. But you've got to keep in mind that there is very little way of detecting the tone behind typed words and it is entirely up to perception. One could also argue as a newer player on an established forum it is easier to feel insecure due to the apparent frequency of higher post count players being heavily seen on the forums. Whats more to be seen as dragging up an old topic or scorned for asking a question they couldn't find an answer to is I'm sure deterring people from coming back. But then (on a side note) I ask the question, why do people respond so pointlessly to some threads? We've all seen the "When is the DLC coming to ps4" posts in full storm. In the event that you aren't going to fully provide an answer that will surely solve the issue - Whats the point? I've also seen a few "Watch this here blah blah" obvious spam posts with replies on here, why not simply report and leave it be? -Don't get me wrong, chit chat is chit chat, but if you can't say anything nice (or helpful) why say anything at all? - I'm guilty of this, but I sure as darn haven't been as offensive or downtrodding as others I've seen.
  11. How can newbies discuss?

    Yep, I know exactly what you mean and actually just came across your last thread - I've had those weird dotted biomes before, and there's nothing on the Wiki about it either >.< There was actually a thread a few weeks ago on here about aggressiveness, how some people are more so than others. People need to stick to a hands-off approach. Don't get me wrong, if there's a thread on the same page of the forums with the same question/query as you then you should be redirected to the search function - For instance when everyone kept posting every hour about when the DLC will be out, how much it'll cost etc when there was literally 6 other threads on it going at the same time. But in some cases I think people are way too quick to judge, snap, or be a bit snarky in their responses as opposed to being useful.
  12. BACON CHURCH 2.0

    I have no idea where they come from (Not my picture either btw, just a google search) I'm in the UK, and penn state do like sour cream and chive pretzels - Literally the only pretzels you can find in shops Then one day, Bam. Needless to say I bought all 3 packs on the shelf, never seen them again since, only mangey sour cream and chive >.< So if you do find them... you can uh... send me a box or 8? lol They also taste a lot like these: only more pretzel-y ^But these aswell, such wow. so nom
  13. BACON CHURCH 2.0

    I was once lucky enough to find these in my local shop They tasted so goooooood.
  14. The amount of ice in the game seems reasonable, most people only have 2-3 breeding grounds near them, at max I've had 5 within walking distance, definitely not all camped up on 1 screen ruining my "aesthetics". Considering on a standard world you've got to go 50 odd days before being able to stock up again I'm sure Klei just wanted to make sure you wouldn't run short on it And mining it is hardly difficult, if you don't want to store it, leave it for the pengulls to eat up, whats more mining mini-glaciers in winter provides a rock or two. Don't want the resources then simply waiting for a mole to come along and either ambush it or let it be your cleaning tool. I really don't see how too many of them are a problem - I mean too many pengulls, sure those noisy little things are a pain, but the non-moving, non-noisemaking, resource giving ice clumps? >.<
  15. Ugh, Disney and the Lion King rip-off was my first eye opening experience to their wonders un-originality. Although I can't say it's bothered me that they own Avengers or anything else since I assume they've realized that they're under a microscope as far as public opinion goes. They can't rip things off anymore without being panned for it, and they can't mess with the original without angering existing fans. Buying things that make you more money is a logical move, and un-original, but perhaps they are concreting what Disney actually is once and for all, a company that makes profits off of others hard work. Money makes more Money as they say. And truthfully, at this point even if Disney did bring something to the table I doubt many people would care as the medium for entertainment has changed so much in recent years I don't think that they're capable of coming up with something worth seeing. However I don't know where I saw it, but I remember seeing a statement from disney claiming that the newly acquired Maker Studios will bring access to other technologies etc, so perhaps this is them getting ready to make something original...? I don't know, can you call something original anymore? I mean you take a look on youtube, there are some pretty amazing cgi artists on there, animators, directors, all sorts. Say disney use their new found pool of employees to create something new, is it original?