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ds_halloween_spider_set_by_ravenblackcroto few who have known that spider webs is stronger than metal, and is suitable for making a suit of protection .

it require only spider webs to make the suit.

it should come in handy when you are in cave or ruin which you need logs and cut grass alot.


spider bow is a range weapon it slows down the creature 

but is very weak to take down the bigger enemies . it it's best for hunting.


so, feel free to leave a comment and suggestions.

soon i have other idea for the next topic


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Maybe it could be an overset for armour? Like you could make it and put it other a log suit and get the perks for both, or if you put it over a marble suit you still slower but you can also slow enemies. (also it should act as the spider hat and make all pigs agro you on sight)

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