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  1. Health constantly dropping over time

    So is this more of an issue than a mechanic? So the functionality is intended, but the way it's portrayed is not how it should be, am I correct?
  2. Health constantly dropping over time

    Okay this kind of makes sense. So the health will continue to drop until the minimum health limit is achieved, and the health itself is 50% of that? Also, I guess since it's more of a mechanic, shouldn't it not be so visible (or rather not have the "health loss" sound)? It just seems like a punishment/fault rather than a mechanic, since all you see is health dropping slowly.
  3. I was playing DST with a friend and he noticed his health constantly dropping. Both of us have played for years and know of all the mechanics (freezing, hunger, etc) that could cause a decrease in health, and none of them applied. He is Wolfgang and was at full hunger, and we are playing in the Spring currently. His health is flashing even though it is halfway, and every few seconds it decreased by 1 point. I remember seeing this problem months and months ago but don't remember if it went away or not, and it seems like other people have this problem, too (here on steam, another on steam, and here on the forums) with no solution.
  4. I'm a little confused.. Should I be able to play this update? I still have build 84120 after loading the game on Steam, and still see the old update's title. I already tried restarting steam, as well as uninstalling/reinstalling. Also, I checked that I'm not opted into any Betas. I know this should be posted in the Bugs section, but maybe I'm just missing something so I wanted to check that other people are able to play.
  5. Caves II Release Candidate

    So excited for the update! It's unfortunate that I'll have to start a new game since I've been working on a file in the beta. Oh well!
  6. Meat Effigy - what for?

    Keep in mind; after making one, you will have a health penalty. Not sure if it's a percentage or a set number.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 78379 Do you have mods installed? No Issue title Guano fertilizes crops during winter Steps to reproduce Tried guano on crops on day 24 (winter), able to fertilize. Describe your issue I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug, but I was able to use guano to fertilize my farms on day 24. I thought that it may have been too early to be in fully-fledged winter (despite the snow falling), so I tried using manure. I got the usual message of not being able to fertilize the crops. So, only guano was able to fertilize my crops during the winter time.
  8. May 13th Build

    Nope. Still not working.
  9. I have a theory... The past 3 times I found the Wooden Thing in a savannah... So currently I'm searching for it and am hoping that my theory is correct. I know each world is randomly generated, but maybe it's possible that the Wooden Thing has a higher chance of spawning in a savannah (similar to Wormholes in the old days)?
  10. I hope it's a big surprise!
  11. But I feel like there is so much Rocky Turf to be found, Chuisfree! Kind of going off of Tyroney's idea: what about still using Rocky Turf but with 1-2 rocks? I mean, doesn't it make more sense to make cobblestone roads out of rocky turf and rocks, rather than planks?
  12. That may be true, I have noticed an abundance of roads. Still... I miss going into a wormhole and usually ending up in a Beefalo field... Not to mention it was a great way to travel between bases quickly.
  13. Okay, correct about the horses. I eventually found them (after a few days of searching). Is the missing wormholes thing a bug, or intended?
  14. So, I'm doing my first post-Doorway to Adventure survival run though, and haven't come across even one wormhole, nor any Clockwork Horses. I'm on day 12, and usually by this time I will see at least two wormholes and MAYBE a set of Horses (if I keep looking, they'll usually be less than a day's walk from my camp). Was there something in the patch the reduced how many there were? Or, is it possibly just my world? Curious if this is the same for anyone else. - - - Updated - - - My friend hasn't seen either of them as well (day 23).