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  1. So is this more of an issue than a mechanic? So the functionality is intended, but the way it's portrayed is not how it should be, am I correct?
  2. Okay this kind of makes sense. So the health will continue to drop until the minimum health limit is achieved, and the health itself is 50% of that? Also, I guess since it's more of a mechanic, shouldn't it not be so visible (or rather not have the "health loss" sound)? It just seems like a punishment/fault rather than a mechanic, since all you see is health dropping slowly.
  3. I was playing DST with a friend and he noticed his health constantly dropping. Both of us have played for years and know of all the mechanics (freezing, hunger, etc) that could cause a decrease in health, and none of them applied. He is Wolfgang and was at full hunger, and we are playing in the Spring currently. His health is flashing even though it is halfway, and every few seconds it decreased by 1 point. I remember seeing this problem months and months ago but don't remember if it went away or not, and it seems like other people have this problem, too (here on steam, another on steam, and here on the forums) with no solution.
  4. I'm a little confused.. Should I be able to play this update? I still have build 84120 after loading the game on Steam, and still see the old update's title. I already tried restarting steam, as well as uninstalling/reinstalling. Also, I checked that I'm not opted into any Betas. I know this should be posted in the Bugs section, but maybe I'm just missing something so I wanted to check that other people are able to play.
  5. So excited for the update! It's unfortunate that I'll have to start a new game since I've been working on a file in the beta. Oh well!
  6. Keep in mind; after making one, you will have a health penalty. Not sure if it's a percentage or a set number.
  7. Strange, occasionally, the icon will be red, indicating that I do not have enough materials (which is true, since I used them to "build" the prototype), yet will also not allow me to place until I wait a while and check again.
  8. Thanks. So, what you're saying is that it is supposed to change to "Place" but doesn't always do that?
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73920 Issue title Prototype uses materials regardless of placement Steps to reproduce Always occurs when not placing item right away. Describe your issue Every time I build an item for the first time (a prototype via Science Machine, Alchemy.. etc.), and I don't place it after clicking it, it still consumes my materials. For example: I wanted to build an Alchemy Engine in a certain spot. I clicked it, and tried placing it but noticed there was grass. So, I dug up the grass first, and when I tried to build it again, my materials were consumed, so I could not place the Engine. This has happened with several other buildings, farms, etc.
  10. It would be great to add a small Pig House icon on the map once discovered, and if there is a lot of pig houses bunched together (let's say in a village), then have 1-2 icons on the map in that location. This would make it so much easier to revisit discovered pig houses along our travels!
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Cloud save did not transfer correctly! Steps to reproduce Tried reloading game, as well as reloading steam, yet cloud save would not load. Describe your issue I had been playing Don't Starve on my laptop, and I'm assuming the save file did not upload to the Steam Cloud due to a weak wireless signal. However, I did not realize this and loaded up the game on my desktop, and opened the save file. I then realized it was an outdated save from a week ago. So, I logged out of Steam, and went on the laptop to try and sync. It said there was a conflict, asking whether to use the Cloud save (The timestamp was from a few minutes ago) or to upload local files (timestamp was yesterday) and naturally, I chose the option to upload local files. It said it could not successfully upload the files, and now, my save slot on my laptop will not load, despite displaying the correct file name. I clicked on the file name, and nothing happened. On my desktop, it still shows the outdated save file from a week ago.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Can't click on fifth item in crafting menu Steps to reproduce Loaded up game today, and was unable to click fifth item. Describe your issue I loaded up my save file today, and was unable to click the fifth item in any crafting menu. I noticed that it also did not show the tooltip associated to the item when hovering the cursor over it. I thought it was part of the game (item had not been unlocked yet), however, I went to other crafting menus, and same issue. When clicking on the up/down arrows to cycle items, it was always the fifth item in the list (in other words, the bug was not associated with a specific item, only with the fifth item down.) When starting a new game (I had died...), the bug was gone, and I was yet again able to click the item. I'm just hoping it won't happen again, and become an intermittent type of bug.