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Basic search box to find items quicker

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I wish I could type in a simple search box and it'll attempt to find the items from the build menu and list all the ones that are similar to my query and i can build that item instantly instead of wasting time & trying to remember where every item is located.  While I'm starving to death, etc...

Seems like a simple feature that would greatly improve the game experience, especially for newer players.

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In the same vein, I've wanted for a long time the ability to rearrange the crafting menu.  Move the items I actually use higher up, and leave stuff I never build - like the bush hat or straw hat - at the bottom.  Nothing aggravates me more than constantly having to scroll past items I only built once to prototype them.   Just like, a tiny arrow icon or something on each item, that would allow me to move it up or down the list.  I suppose then the problem might be accidentally clicking on that arrow in an emergency.  Maybe an overall menu lock toggle that allows me to move items around when unlocked, but when locked removes the arrows for moving.

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