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Help, I'm having some trouble with mods!

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I enjoy using many mods on my game, but for some reason, I can't get new characters to work. Every mod that doesn't add a character works fantastically, I can play the game as if normal. I can add character mods, but if I try to select them in the character select screen, the game will crash on me. Any help would be appreciated.

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My bro had this problem... I believe it has something to do with not having all characters unlocked! If you don't have all characters unlocked then either work harder towards it or get the mod that unlocks all characters


(idk if this mod is in the klei forums anywhere)


(if all chars already are unlocked I recommend you uninstall and reinstall your don't starve!)

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Unlocked character status wouldnt be a cause. You gotta read the log.txt and see exactly what the cause of the crash is. On linux that file is located at




Im sure you can figure out where the file is on your own computer.

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