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Is this normal?


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Hi Guys, New here and new too Dont starve, Downloaded it from the playstation pus store and am having alot of fun with the game.


So the scenario..


I'd just finished what I would consider a sucsessful first trip to the ruins, filed all my inventory slots and decided to head up to surface level and stock up on supplies before heading back.  As soon as I poked my head through the cave and saw sunlight I was attacked by several werepigs? I sprinted back to my base to find that all 12 of my trusted pigs were also now transformed and destroying my entire camp lol.



Did I do something wrong or perhaps I was carrying an item from the ruins that triggered it? I'm using wiki as a guide through my journey but this one miffed me.


I managed to get a pretty bad screenshot during the carnage.... dogs decided to join the party too.




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When you go back up top the "syncing" can cause the pugs to "catch up" if you happened to exit on a full moon or just left a night that was a full moon (thus werepigs during the day.) Running like a pansy (if daytime) until they revert will resolve that. Else run away from them at night (or tank and kill em if you can,) to survive.


And yes, if aggroed on you and there's a wall, they will attack the wall to get to you.  

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