my suggestion after 250+ days ingame

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greeting devs and players

after 250+ days eating 5 cooked berries at day (there are a videos of my gameplay stored

this are a list of things u should add and remove in-game imho because the game is too easy:

snakes (poison ) , bear , boats , do not generate map with stupid corridors (or less island ) , raise the health of big animals , more traps , grass hut , wood hut , wood house , stone house , wood cottage , stone cottage , remove random stone add mountains with mines (and relative coal mine gold plain stone mine) , river , sleep meter , disease and relative cure , fever, godblessed WATER and relative container and thirsty meter , raft , cotton and relative tissue , lower the amount of starve points vegetables give , fences , less amount of fire from any kind of combistible , chickens and eggs and relative already existent turkey , remove stupid speedy farm and turbo farm and enlarge it = vegetable garden with relative work on it with tools , fruits trees , not to mention bigger maps ofc.

be pleased to contact me i got mechanics for any of this things in my head.

i hope u will enjoy then as some cool ideas and i guess the game will be more great not to mention that already is because the game IS AWESOME!

thank you for your time :)

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Right then, let's take a look at each one...

snakes (poison)

Snakes aren't mentioned that much, however poison has been, usually in connection with spiders. Also the effects of poison, whether deterimental to Health, Hunger (i.e. making you sick/throw up), or both, has been a topic of some debate... but not a lot. Most of the topics were brought up back when the blow dart coming out, and the assumption was that the darts could be poisoned. However we now know they are sleeping darts.


Yes, bears are a popular animal and have been requested by other forum members too, including myself. As for me, I suggested that bears would roam the forests during the day, attack the player if they come too close, eat berries (on bushes or ground), eat meat (on the ground), fish in ponds, and raid bee hives (wild and crafted). They would be tough to kill and deal heavy damage, like a swamp tentacle. On dying they would drop bear fur/skin and teeth/claws, which could be used to fashion clothes and weapons respectively.

raft , boats

Yes, boats are a popular idea. It's not yet clear if the Devs will allow boats, as they change how the player interacts with the sea (i.e. he doesn't). But regardless other forum members and myself have suggested it. I personally would like it if the player could craft 3-4 different tiers of boat, starting from the humble raft and working up to a steam-powered paddle boat. Of course even a raft and boat would be fine, and then the stone bridges connecting the islands could finally be removed.

do not generate map with stupid corridors (or less island )

Are you referring to the stone bridges? And yes, sometimes islands overlap and this causes the creation of a very small island. It's a shame when that happens.

raise the health of big animals

Or they could create new more dangerous/tougher animals to populate the island.

more traps

To trap what...?

grass hut

Well those may come, but not for the player, rather for a new "species". Word has it that munkies, who are rivals to the pig men, will live in grass huts.

wood hut , wood house , stone house , wood cottage , stone cottage

I'm seeing a theme here... but to be honest I'm not sure this is the direction the Devs are going. I've always opposed the idea of an "instant house" for the player, as it's a cheap escape from dealing with monsters/night dangers. To counter this, I suggested a building plan similar to the one used in Project Zomboid, namely the player uses resources to build sections of a house: walls, floors, doors, windows, and stairs. Then they rotate/place them wherever they want to build their own personal home. However in more recent days it has become apparent the Devs don't want us to construct permanent residencies, because it would all be for naught as eventually we would need to abandon them forever, as the game will progress by travelling not just from island to island, but "world to world" via a portal. And there would be no return.

On the bright side we will be allowed to build walls to protect ourselves.

remove random stone add mountains with mines (and relative coal mine gold plain stone mine)

Mmm, I think boulders work just fine as they are.

Mountains would be hard to add to the game because of how it dispalys with 2.5D. You'll notice there is nothing on the map that you cannot rotate around, even the pig houses are small. As there's also no elevation in the game a mountain would just be a very large object blocking you line of sight.

That said, many forum members, myself included, have suggested underground areas, like caverns and mines. The idea I proposed was that the player could find a crevasse on the surface and, by using a rope & grappling hook, enter the hole. Of course this would just be a transition and the player would move between the surface and underground instantly. From there they would need to use light to navigate the tunnels, but the rewards would be many. As you suggested, coal was among the suggested resources found only underground, along with those found on the surface, namely stone, flint, and gold ore. We also suggested more gemstones, crystals, and ores (like iron ore). In terms of food, we suggested mushrooms and blind cave fish (in underground pools).


Yeah, I thought having a river or stream would be nice too.

sleep meter

By that, do you mean for stamina? Stamina was one of the meters I suggested a while back, along with the Thirst meter (which several other forum members also suggested). However the concern here is that with Health and Hunger already there, and Sanity on the way, that this would just be more micromanagement. Sadly, I have to agree. I'm not sure I want to play "Don't Starve - The Sims Edition", where we need to manage so many needs.

disease and relative cure , fever

Sure, why not? This was mentioned as a new hazard for swamps. Maybe using bugs...

godblessed WATER and relative container and thirsty meter

Yes, as above, a Thirst meter was discussed, but because thirst could be grouped with Hunger some felt it was just extra micromanagement. I mean, they weren't against adding drinks, just against managing fluids. Personally I wouldn't mind it, as I became used to Thirst after playing "Lost in Blue" (island survival game for the Nintendo DS), but I can see the problem too.

cotton and relative tissue

For when you have the sniffles? :p

lower the amount of starve points vegetables give

Well this is debatable... do they satiate too much hunger, or is the game making it too easy to grow/stockpile vegetables in the first place?


As I mentioned earlier, there will be walls Soon enough.

less amount of fire from any kind of combistible

This is constantly being rebalanced... I just don't know.

chickens and eggs and relative already existent turkey

Chickens... I just don't know... to be honest. We can already "acquire" tallbird eggs.

remove stupid speedy farm and turbo farm

Hmmm. The issues I had with farm plots was the fact that, in terms of research you could skip the speedy farm and go straight to the turbo farm, and the other was allowing players to use 3 manure to instantly mature crops (for the turbo farm). To counter this I've worked with other forum members and we came up with a few suggestions, namely:

1) Remove the instant grow effects of manure on crops

2) Slow crop growth, but require the player to fertilize and water crops to keep them growing

3) Allow birds to eat newly planted crop seeds, unless a scarecrow is nearby

4) Allow rabbits to eat growing crops, unless blocked by a wall

5) Change the "Speedy Farm Plot" placeable to an upgrade, "Speedy-Gro Fertilizer", that upgrades the old Farm into a Speedy Farm

6) Change the "Turbo Farm Plot" placeable to an upgrade, "Turbo Growth Spray", that upgrades the Speedy Farm into a Turbo Farm

enlarge it = vegetable garden with relative work on it with tools

This has been suggested before, but I'm not sure how it would work based on how Klei has handled placeables to date.

fruits trees

Yes, not too long ago I suggested we add apple/pear/crabappled trees that cannot be replanted and can only be harvested once a year, with each giving a few fruits. As there are seasons this would mean the fruit trees are more "food of opportunity" rather than being truly farmed. Other users suggested chestnuts, walnuts, and even gathered maple syrup.

not to mention bigger maps ofc.

Heh, they know about this one. In fact, maps are not larger on purpose. We have been told that right now Klei doesn't have enough content to fill larger islands, so rather than copy 'n paste the same content over and over again, they opted to hold off until they had more new content. Once they have it, they'll expand the size of the map to make room for it.

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again more dards on creation and dards now do not sleep buffalo where can be a wonderful thing if they do, no warning sound before hounds raid, faster bees, more health and faster charge speed on bueeefalo ( u can just spam L-click and win or run away) , about hounds they are too easy to kill (just drop 1 meat and u will have the bait) , lower the speed at swamp (at least 60%) or so the roads are pointless and more tentacles or that zone will not ever be an hazardous zone, since spiders are too easy to kill too they should spit a webnet to snare u some seconds , add rain , using of manure added to x to build low grade repair*, make sense of the full moon , make the rabbit smarter and not moving in straight line , halloween lantern should give light forever when created or at least 5 days and then replacing the fly, pan flute is pointless , pigs should not follow the master so easily i mean having a pig should be expansive in mats and food maintainment, fishing??? too easy and convenient

i will give u more when i got in mind waiting next patch <3

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