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Don't Starve, my thoughts

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First, this is a great concept. I love the mixed 3D environments with fluid 2D characters and elements. I've made it to about day 30 in my game. The screenshot was taken a little while ago. I probably have died half a dozen times if not more to get to this point. I have unlocked everything that I know there is to unlock as far as things to build and what-not. I've set up a small base camp with a few chests. My next steps are to explore the rest of the island and see what all there is to see.I love how challenging this game is. The first couple of times I died I felt like I just may not be cut out for this game but I wanted to give it a shot. I know of a few friends of mine who would feel too frustrated after the first couple of deaths and just give up on the game. After I learned how to use the science machine and unlock buildable things like armor and bigger farms (which I had to look up online) the game became so much more enjoyable.The screenshot shows my HQ at the moment. Really simple and provides enough food in the surrounding area for me to easily survival forever. The only way I feel that I can die now is if I'm not careful around the spiders or tentacles. This could be alright, as long as there is enough out there that is new for me to explore. I can't wait to find out.I love the discovery aspect to this game, however somethings I feel like I never would have figured out without too many deaths involved and too much frustration, such as the science machine. I see how important balance is in this as you don't want to baby the players through a game like this, that would defeat the purpose. I'm glad to hear that you all are constantly evaluating the balance of the game as you go along. I am just getting started in the game development business and love watching games such as Minecraft and Don't Starve grow.Keep up the good work!post-427-13764589195954_thumb.jpg

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