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Houndius Shootius

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Mere days after finally seeing a deerclops, I decided to check out caves and ruins for the first time. Now I have a houndius shootius. There isn't that much information regarding these things, so I will once again look to the almighty Don't Starve forumizers for answers.


1) Will the thing shoot at passive creatures if I click "attack" like pig followers do?

--If so, does it increase naughtiness?


2) Should it be surrounded by fortyleven walls to prevent things from slowly murdering it to death?


3) Where do you guys use your turrets?


4) Would it be better to conglomerate more turrets in the same area for more "oomph" or spread the love around to various areas?

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1. Yes


2. The Houndius Shootis isn't that good on it's own, so yes I recommend you surround it with walls and maybe some toothtraps.


3. I haven't made one yet But when I do I have an idea where to put it.


4. Depends, Either way is good but it's mostly on what you want to do with them.


Yes to both parts or just the attacking passive creatures part?

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I use my houndius shootius as a way to defend the side of my base that is facing some spider nests. Every few nights spiders will wander over to my base and sometimes attack me, so I can use it to defend against them and steal the meat afterwards :D

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