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The Screecher....

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Hey guys, Spelunky here.

Just asking could I get The Screecher removed from my game? My poor computer can't load don't starve anymore because it can't handle the fact that there is to much code to load!

Anyway. It's also giving me the creeps....

That's it,


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If the game won't start, it's not the mod. Do bug report it as above. 


If you still want it disabled after the DS game is running, simply choose to keep it disabled in the mods section as it's not running on game load (as noted before.)


If you enable it, it requires a restart and will load that specialty game only (not the regular DS game) with the mod code only then loading.


Disabling it and restarting gets you to the regular game and (as noted before) no mod code is loaded on all subsequent DS menu loads. 

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To uninstall the mod, you just need to delete this folder "screecher" in this location :


C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods

I just did that RIGHT BEFORE but there was an image called "face_eat_screen" which totally freaked me out  :nightmare: !

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