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I mean seriously. There is no reason to not have multiplayer. This game would be even more epic-amazing-goodieness if it had multiplayer. I mean most survival games has multiplayer. It would be awesome if it was added soon. *Coughs* HINT HINT *Coughs* Umm sorry about I have a nasty cold.

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+1 for goodieness...


But...well yeah, at first I was like...omg, multiplayer would feel so natural for this game....Its almost like it was meant for MP


But then I realized it would be too easy ...with mp.


And yeah, this topic has been dealt with in the past.


I just accepted its not going to happen, just enjoy all you can from the sp experience ^^ It's an awesome game...IMO, mp would give it some more hours of...fun?


But yeah. Thats how things are ^^ ...

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Talk to your friend on Skype while you play or something. The forced isolation is a big aspect of this game. Hell, they might as well scrap the sanity aspect if they add multiplayer.


Your new avatar... it just doesn't seem you...

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