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  1. Bearger destroys your base more than the deerclops.. a lot of people complaining about this but only killed the giant created by the console
  2. Moose chicks they get angry when your mother is dead but deep down they are good creatures
  3. Thank you so much dude! I'm very happy!!!
  4. just brummbar7 said, I'm from another country I can not buy by paypal or amazon I said I was jealous because if I had won the code I could play the beta at this stage but now I have to wait until it is available in steam
  5. I’m green with envy,I really wanted to attend another beta dont starve but I do not have an international card
  6. hey people i do not understand English very well so I wanted to ask ... new versions of chester only being available to those who buy the plushies?
  7. klei entertainment you is epic!! I will never forget that your amazing work! I wait anxiously for the dlc.
  8. I am eager to find out more
  9. is the time to maxwell appear in the forum to help us.