Drop a torch, watch it burn

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Had this idea while mining boulders to collect their loot when night hit, since it was just around the corner. I managed to mind two, but couldn't get the third and now I'm stuck with a Pickaxe that has 18% durability until morning hits. I think torches, similar to lanterns, should continue to burn and let out a small radius of light around it if dropped on the ground equal to or smaller than the radius when held. Perhaps it could burn out twice as fast if used like this. It would make it so you could chop trees/mine boulders in the early days without needing to use wood, if you're anal enough to not chop down trees until you can get a shovel to dig up the stumps like I am.

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Almost nighttime, need some wood...


Okay, there goes the forest, and now something hit me.

(Hard to type on tablet.)


This, basically. IRL, a dropped torch tends either to gutter and go out, or cause a fire.

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right-click pickaxe, whack the bolder a few times. Right click torch. Repeat.

I know how to do the risky tango with Charlie, but thank you for the advice. I just see it as an unnecessarily redundant way of doing things while keeping mobile on the surface world at night, and think this would be a neat idea.


So kind of like a faster burning lantern? 

Essentially. In addition to burning faster it would have a much smaller light radius than the lantern.

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