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  1. Show us your camp!

    Is it really all that common for people to make camp near the chess biome? I guess I can see how it'd be useful, although I personally tend to make them in the forest near Savannah (obviously after setting up lightning rods).
  2. Rabbit sound

    Well, this is one crossover I never thought I'd see.
  3. Whenever I get a Smallbird, I name him "Dave" (followed by a number to indicate which Dave he is; I'm currently on Dave XI) This always leads inevitably to the following. "Eat the seeds, Dave. I know you're hungry." "What that? OH GOD DAMN IT NOT THE HOUNDS, NOT NOW THAT I HAVE DAVE" "DAVE, NO! DON'T TRY TO ATTACK THE HOUNDS!" "DAVE, NO!!!!!!!" "I'LL KILL YOU FOR THIS, YOU BASTARDS" *torrent of horrible, unrepeatable profanity to hound* "Oh, god, Dave..." *cook and eat morsel despite self* *repeat process* I have yet to get to teenbird. :\
  4. OK, thanks for clearing that up.
  5. Good bye, Sandbox World 2-1; we hardly knew ye. T_T
  6. OK, I just read the entire thread. Only one question: why specify that killing baby beefalos is naughty? I though it always added 6 to the naughtiness; more than anything else. Did you make it give an even bigger penalty? Is this actually true?
  7. That's my point, though - if they ARE going to keep it, it should be added to the official changelog - not every player visits the forums, after all, and even those that do didn't necessarily see that post. @Bryce EDIT: For the record, I'm not personally a fan of the change, but regardless, it's of such import that it belongs in the changelog - regardless of its provenance.
  8. Also, the world no longer resetting to Day 1 after using the Wooden Thing should probably be added to the changelog if it's going to be permanent.
  9. I think it's because it's easy to think of the likes as being analogous to Facebook likes, as opposed to something you use to increase a post's visibility. Although to be fair, I don't necessarily think that having a joke post be #1 is necessarily a bad thing.
  10. It would have been really ironic if I'd reached my quota just then...
  11. I just want to take this opportunity to note that of Klei's all-time "Most Liked" posts, half are from the Puzzle Thread (god rest it).
  12. @Anelyn I'd report that under the designated bug section; Klei's moderators may be able to help you there
  13. To play devil's advocate here, mightn't the point BE to make it impossible to live in Caves forever? The hound attacks, for example, are eventually solvable: they never attack in such overwhelming force that you have to move on. Although I suppose that's moot now that changing worlds doesn't reset day count.