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Looking for some help with Keys, Steam, and Chrome.


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Back in May of 2012 I purchased the Early Access Beta. Since then I've misplaced the key, and I've tried using humblebundle.com but it states that my email is not in their records. I know that my email is correct because I still have the email receipt. (Doesn't display my personal key, but does display my order number.)

I think when I purchased this, Don't Starve was not available on Steam. Is there a way to get a free Steam key due to the face that I've already purchased this on Chrome?


I'm also having a problem with Chrome, When I load the game the loading bar comes up, music plays, and the background image appears. Then the loading bar finishes, disappears and nothing else happens. I can click buttons. (I hear the ingame clicking noise, and if I manage to find a link it redirects me.) As far as I'm aware all of my programs are up to date, and the system requirements have been met.

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