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[MOD Pack] A lot of things...28 compatible mod!

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Hey guys!

It's tooks a long time and testing but I successfully gathered that 28 mod what are compatible with each other.They are:

  • Always On Status by Kiopho
  • Backpack and Amulet Slots by tehMugwump
  • Coraline Jones by Psycosis and Steve Holt
  • Craftable 80 Slots Maxwell's Chest by tehMugwump
  • Craftable Animals by ArticFox789
  • Craftable Gears by ArticFox789
  • Craftable Uncraftables by ArticFox789
  • Dawnbreak by Heavenfall
  • Dementor by Akshasha,Auxeras and VicoV
  • Dipper Pines by Psycosis and Steve Holt
  • Doctor Wortey by xxMOrtexx
  • Fueled By Madness by GraySloth
  • Infinite Armor by tehMugwump
  • Infinite Clothes by tehMugwump
  • Infinite Tools by tehMugwump
  • Mabel Pines by Psycosis and Steve Holt
  • Mini Tools by tehMugwump
  • More Plantables by GraySloth
  • Norman Babock by Psycosis and Steve Holt
  • OP Cane Multi-Tool by tehMugwump
  • Pack In Inventory by GraySloth
  • Summons by Heavenfall
  • The Weeping Willow by The Modteam
  • Too Many Items by CJB
  • Weazley by Nycidian
  • Wilhelm by BooneBum
  • Wilton - The Undead by debugman18
  • Wren the Stormcaller by Sukoushi
  • Wulfe by shortcircuiting
  • And yes of course,I tried and this version of the Willette mod is working fine with them.


Oh, yeah,I almost forgot...Do not turn the mods on at the same time because may you got error message but if you turn the mods on one by one 100% it will work!

Not all of the mods made for All's Well That Maxwell but they work perfectly with that.

Download from HERE!

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Crap. I guess next time I want to GIMP her character into a picture I'll have to fix it first.  :razz:



the mod API hasn't been updated for a while;


its at API-3 right now not to mention if there's been any update related bugs/issues


I can't find the download page... and the link from the steam page sends me to this : http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/23833-download-willette-mod-hungry/

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