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  1. Hello, guys, been a long while since I've been around the forum. Bottom line is, my work in summer is just too much for me to handle any gaming at all. UPDATE 2: 1000 Days VIDEO TOUR DOWN BELOW UPDATE 3: New Swamp Set - pictures below Anyway decided to drop by to say I've started a DST Solo World, with a lot of mods, and tbh I'm getting in love as much as when New Reign was getting released. I always wanted to do a Solo World like my Mega Base in Single Player with all the good new content New Reign brought, but after doing two 1k+ Days Megabases with a few people it was just not enough content to make me wanna start everything from scratch. I'm around 250+ days so there is still not much done, so I will just share 2 zones(one finished, the other almost) where you can see few of the mods in work Hope you enjoy the screenshots Best Regards, Glermz Ps. If you have cosmetic mods that fit the Art Style of the original content of Don't Starve, feel free to link them UPDATE 1: So around 200 days have passed by and here are some more screenshots for you folks. Hope you enjoy. UPDATE 2: UPDATE 3 - Swamp Set: List of Mods in this world: - Festive Pack - Item Pack - Candy Machine - Automatic Health Adjust - Colorful Fireflies - Craftable Monster Lairs - Craftable Ruins Turf - Domestication Plus - Fueled Lazy Deserter - Lunar Tools - New Old Bell - Maxwell Stuff - New Tents - New Walls - Painted Pig Houses - Pet Statues - Plants Recipe - Renewable Graves - Turfed - Work in Dark
  2. Hello. I only have one mod subscribed to; [The Forge] Picky Targeting but when I launch DST, click play, then mods, it welcomes me w/ you have no mods check out the steam workshop. I've tried to subscribe to other mods but it doesn't seem to work either. I've tried verifying the cache and reinstalling already. Any idea why? Also, it seems to only be a problem on one of my laptops at home. Do you think it's possible to subscribe from a different laptop then relog onto the problem one? Thanks in advanced!
  3. So one of the biggest problems with the world generation in the game is that it is limited, as in it ends it has a border. Now there are two sides to this argument. One being that a limited world is good as it means that all resources are limited and you have to be careful how you use them, the other side is that with an unlimited world you can have your world carry on generating, adding content from the newest update meaning you don't need to restart every time an update comes out, it also means that if you have mods (if they are ever given support) they won't limit the amount of resource you get. Now the world gen can be easily controlled with an unlimited world as you could do as within 1 - 100 blocks or meters away from the printing pods copper could spawn or be generated. 101 - 200 blocks or meters, gold could spawn. Or whatever is chosen. --EDIT-- Another idea I had is that the infinite world could be in forms of other asteroids, so you could make a rocket and fuel (which would be expensive) and you could go to another asteroid and start a base there, but to transfer the resources to and from the asteroids would be very expensive meaning that it would be a very late game thing, if it is ever worth doing it. This could be a way you limited your resource without making mods reduce the number of resources you can get. ----------- I am not saying that this is the answer to world generation this is simply a suggestion. Hopefully, you like my idea, and I would love to hear your ideas on the concept.
  4. Hi everyone! Thank you in advance for helping me with this issue. I've successfully launched my server (Ubuntu, Linux), my concerns are below: 1. How to log off without disrupting the server? It won't allow me to do anything once I run/launch the server which is Step 12 on this guide ( Dedicated Server Quick Setup Guide - Linux by Klei Developers) It says "Sim paused" and just updates when there are users logging into the server, see this example: I want to be able to log out/shut down without affecting the server since I'm running the terminal via PuttY on my computer. 2. How to successfully install mods on a dedicated server running on Linux? Once #1 is solved, I can proceed with installing mods, how do I do this? I tried to follow @ToNiO55's guide but I was stuck. Here is my dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua file for my mods folder Here is my modoverrides.lua file for both my Caves and Master folder
  5. I'm working on a character mod for Don't Starve Together. The command that I need help with is a code that will allow the character -If they are dead- to respawn at the start of the next day. I think I have the right idea with the code, just not the proper set up. Please assist! (Code highlighted in image)
  6. In the mods folder, I appear to have correct permissions, I can delete and add new files at will. However files will not update or download from the workshop. I have tried entering safe mode, and reinstalling the game (using both steam and deleting all the folders). Nothing has worked so far. If there is a known fix I would love to be informed. Steam downloads workshop items for other games and can even download DST mods when I set up a dedicated server on the same computer, yet they refuse to download for client DST and DS. Steam says it downloads all the mods but when I get in game it says that they're downloading. Then it goes away, like it gave up for a moment, before starting the download again... Upon further investigation I noticed that this occurs for both DS and DST. This also happens on another computer in my house with a fresh install of steam.... I've reinstalled the game 4 times now and can't figure out what the problem is...
  7. Hello, My modoverrides.lua file doesn't exist, is this normal? I created two to be placed in my /Caves and /Master folder but it doesn't load my mods so I'm assuming it's because I manually created the modoverrides.lua file. By the looks of it, it seems as if it's just a text file named modoverrides.lua. How do I create a modoverrides.lua file?
  8. So I'm making a character based off the ancient torch wielder. I have all the sprites and basic stats finished but I want her to be able to have clockworks be neutral to her and have her be able to make a tragic torch that scares off hallucinations and damages them when they get in it's light radius. I know this is a lot, but I would really appreciate it if somebody could help. Thank you.
  9. Dst

    can anyone port a lot of the content in dst together into singeplayer?
  10. Some illustrious companions and I are attempting to make character mods strongly based on the existing caste of characters, in particular Wendy (We are making Abigail a playable living character). Getting a functional SCML file for Wendy was quite trying, but eventually we found a repository of character assets online here: . The problem? They do not include emotes. As such our Abigail can run around and look quite normal (unlike all previous SCML freaks of nature), but her face goes blank when we use /cry or /yawn even though these PNG's are in the folder that are accessed by the auto-compiler. Basically it is the SCML file that is not referencing those emote PNGs because either the SCML file is from quite some time ago, before emotes were implemented, or it is just from single player Don't Starve. Would it be possible for us to have the up-to-date SCML files that include ordinary human proportions, (not the "extended sample character template" mod) and all the ordinary emotes? Where might I acquire these? Much gratitude for your help
  11. Could somebody give me a line of code that makes the clockworks neutral to my modded character? The character's name is wollax so that's some info. Also, can you please tell me where I should paste this line in? I am using the extended characters mod.
  12. I've been looking for a dedicated server that runs any of the various restoration mods for characters. While I appreciate why certain characters have been changed, I'm not a fan of many of the changes made. I main Willow (#MakeWillowGreatAgain!), and I miss her in her original quirky state, though, I'll grant her pyromania made her a difficult to manage character in a group environment, but with a little teamwork (and a few Flingomatics), her original negative trait (setting random fires when low on Sanity) was very manageable. Anyone else want to play on a dedicated server that has the characters at least closer to their original Don't Starve incarnations? Demand = Supply. -Fist-
  13. So I managed to create a custom character using the extended character template, and it's more or less working as I want but one thing I can't figure out is bugging me. While creating his custom starting weapon, despite it functioning mechanically just fine, I wanted to add special "inspect" text to it, and a unique one for wx as well to match his usual "all caps" speak. Now the first two strings for the item name and description in the recipe tab are working in-game just fine, but the two lines of text I added for the "inspect" for all players + wx's special one just won't. The item also does not seem to function with the Food Values+Item tooltips mod properly, as it will either display no text (not even the "equip" option though it can still be equipped normally) or if I hover over another weapon or tool, or any item with stats really, the hover text will match the last item I hovered. This is after hovering over the torch, then hovering the weapon. The strings I'm using for the descriptions and inspect options in my modmain.lua are as follows: STRINGS.NAMES.SHADOWRAPIER = "Shadow Rapier" STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.SHADOWRAPIER = "Don't poke your eye out." STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.SHADOWRAPIER = "Dark and pointy." STRINGS.CHARACTERS.WX78.DESCRIBE.SHADOWRAPIER = "EXTREMELY POINTY. USE WITH CAUTION." I pulled these from another character mod called "Wolfe" who has a unique craftable weapon as well. Is there something wrong with these strings? (Well i mean obviously there is, but what...) or is it something in the other files such as the item's .lua file? If needed I will provide the full modmain.lua, item.lua and character.lua files. Thanks in advance!
  14. I'm looking for someone to help me code in a perk for my mod character, just like how Webber is tagged as a "Monster" and is neutral to spiders, My character is tagged as a "Robot" and I would like to know how to make an aggressive mob neutral to my character, also capable of befriending the mob. I'm looking specifically for frogs and this is how I plan they'd work. Like the pigs, the frogs will leap back home to their original pond at dusk. They will need to be fed to befriend, (butterflies, butterfly wings, bees, mosquitoes, any insects.) Frogs will be neutral and will not attack you. I can do with just frogs being neutral on it's own, befriending them is just a bonus to me. I'll appreciate any help been given!
  15. (I have no idea where to put this, but I think this category should be alright) Ladies and Gentlemen, consider this a cry for help. My mind has been haunted recently, by an idea that simply won't be silenced by such petty things as reason and logic. I see before me, a character mod. Not any character mod, no. A mod of Gilgamesh, the dimension-hopping, weapon-collecting self-proclaimed master swordsman from the Final Fantasy universe. How such a glorious character is not already an existing mod is beyond me, especially when that wimpy blond potatocup of the same name from that Fate thing is available. Alas, the tragic part – having absolutely zero experience with game modding (aside from editing the occasional .ini file to get rid of fov-induced headaches) and also being completely artistically inept, I find myself completely unable to create this mod on my own. So, I beseech you, fellow admirers of Gilgamesh, because I know you're out there! If you find yourself smitten by his gloriousness, and also are the slighest bit talented at creating character mods for Don't Starve or Don't Starve Together, please... do me and the whole of humanity a service! I'll even write all the custom quotes, since talking bollocks is the only thing I was ever capable of. Here are some ideas of how the character might play. Stats: Health: 200 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 120 These are just baselines, of course, but since Gilgamesh is all about battle, at least his health should be reasonably high. He usually carries a set of Genji armour in the games; this armour is often times among the best sets in the games it appears in, almost always providing immunity to status effects. Alas, status effects aren't really a thing in DS outside of the poison in Shipwrecked and arguably sleep darts/mandrakes. The armour could be included as an expensive craftable; no idea what the recipe should be yet, but due to matching colour and status, I think it should involve thulecite. Maybe call it „Genshi Armour“ or somehting like that to link in with Gilgy's fake weapon gimmick Now, the most interesting aspect that also would be the hardest to implement – Gilgamesh can 'morph' his physical appearance; usually from a smaller 2-armed form into a big, bulky 8-armed form. So how about, using a similar technique as for Woodie and his Werebeaver form, if certain conditions are met, Gilgy can burst out his extra arms and go wild? For example, he could have a bar similar to the log meter that slowly fills the more he hits enemies, and when it's full, he transforms. In his morphed form, getting hit doesn't hurt him but lowers his morph meter (which obviously also goes down passively), and when it empties he reverts back to his normal form, but with filled health and an almost empty stomach. Obviously I'm just spitballing ideas here, and for all I know that morphing mechanic might be downright impossible to implement. But I ask you this – would it not be cool? Because I think it would be. Rise, Fellow Fans of Final Fantasy's Fantastic Character! If we all work together, we can make 'Wilgamesh' a reality!
  16. hello there if your reading this then likely wilson has sent me to collect information on people in dont starve. As the title says, whats your fighting style and mods you use. Me i get a log suit and football helm and kick some @55. Also, what mods do you use? RAM fix, craftable gears, always on status, compromising survival, equalten exchange, and backpack slot. Tank you for your time! -Malk FOR SCIENCE!
  17. Episode 7 Bender's Top Hat = http://youtube] Episode 5 How to Spend 70 Million = Episode 3 Beefalo Herding = Epidsode 2 Mod Crashing = Episode 1 Hangin' Out = Live Stream Highlights = Sorry there is no game audio. This is my first time doing a Live Stream. Don't Starve Introduction Video = Brand new season of Don't Starve. This season we play as Bender, and the theme is going to be survival. How many days can I survive?? Place your bets in the comments Intro & Outro: You can also follow me @: Google +: Facebook: Thank you everyone, and have a fantastic, AWESOME day!
  18. Don't Starve Gameplay - Wilson, Here We Go Again #01 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Teching Up #02 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Saved By Glowing Butts #03 Dont Starve Gameplay Modded - Leafy Bulb Menace #04 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Too Close For Comfort #05 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Summer Koalefant Slaughter #06 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Breezy Vest Win #07 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded Dual Crockpots #08 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Awesome Storm Cellar #09 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - OMG Prestihatitator #10 And more to come, we haven't starved yet Don't Stave Mod List: Better Traps: Brass Lantern: Clockwork Tooth Traps: Deep Freezer: Lunch Box: RPG Hud 25 Neat: Storm Cellar: Wall Gates: Wilson's Cabin: HUD: Coming Soon Thanks for watching, please like, favorite, and subscribe to help support the channel. Get Don't Starve: Music: Pixel Peeker Polka by Kevin MacLeod (Creative Commons BY 3.0) incompetech.comOutro Music: Home at Last by Ozzed (Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0) FACEBOOK:
  19. I have tried reinstalling game, deleting all the contents manually before it, forcing to load mods as described in .lua file. None of this is working. (Subscribed to mods via steam workshop. All mods are loaded in mods folder correctly, but no mods in game, only links to download at right column) [Linux]
  20. Judging for the Hammys

    We need judges for the Golden Hammys! If you wish to judge, please say so! You will be judging the various entry's submitted to the Hammys (art,story,mod,etc) judges cannot submit their own work to the Hammys. Promotional Picture by @Willette Current Judges @Blewcheese @Rabbitfist @Mack18853 @Thewatchiestdog @KidneyBeanBoy @Blazingice26
  21. Hey guys,I've started a new series after my series with Wendy abruptly ended. But here's a new series with Wolfgang! And it has mods!
  22. So, I made a video explaining how to install Mods for Don't Starve. Hopefully this will rectify many issues. Thanks, TheDanayn, Avid Don't Starve Fan. http-~~-//
  23. Italian Youtuber (Mod)

    Hi i'm a YoutuberI make videos on the mods of Don't StarveI don't speak English very wellin my videos i speak ItalianBuuut...if you want to see some video here is the link ^^ knows ... i could have made ​​a video about one of your mod :DPs: I love the creator of the mod test tools
  24. I don't have the Don't Starve prefabs in my hard drive, could somebody either give me a list of every prefab for every item in the game (which would take quite a while) or a downloadable link to the text document. Prefabs as in DebugSpawn("flower") for example.Thanks in advance.