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Survive is not a Challenge


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I have played the game for 10 hours and found the game very fun and amazing, but I'm close to the 90 day and I notice that survive is no longer a challenge. You guys also have noticed that after a few days you already have all the resources near the camp, already explored the entire map, already unlocked everything, there are no threats that can kill you near your "safe place", only elsewhere in the map and even if you die, you still can resurrect yourself.

The threats of the map not attack you constantly and there are very few of them, if you just want to sit back and mine and farm the resources around you you can survive indefinitely, survive is no longer a challenge, you are only farming resorces.

Is it just me that think this way?

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You're not alone in thinking this. I've only died once playing Don't Starve pretty early on, before I knew about treeguards.

Remember that the game is still in beta though, and there are more features planned that will break up the farm-at-homebase cycle forever (possibly winter setting in.)

We'll find out.

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Nope, it's not only you. Cos thats the state the Game is in at the moment. It is still in Beta and is currently developing and expanding as we speak and play. More and more stuff are beeing added and what you see in the current version is the early game and some of the middle game content. The devs have an estimation that current players reach a content wall around day 40 or so. Then there is basicly nothing more to do, in the current build.

Some thing you can do to keep the play interesting is to set up your own goals, decide some restrictions for yourself or simply take part in the forum, suggesting things that you think sholud be put in the game in the future.

Also, Welcome :)

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Hello there and welcome to the forums.

Yes surviving is no longer a problem after day 50ish. This has a very straightforward reason: The game is currently mostly lacking content, but works very smoothly. Many betas will be full of content, but also full of bugs, glitches and exploits. The dont starve beta is quite different. It has mostly bugfree gameplay, but gets new content every update. Currently the early game has been made and is being altered here and there. Hounds have been added to force danger upon u that u cannot dodge like most dangers in the game at this moment. However mid- and lategame content still has to be added.

I do think the eventual lategame WILL include u having a selfsufficent base that u can (basically) survive in forever. But i also think lategame will give us ALOT more incentive to leave our base. We shall see. The description of the game also states that Wilson is trying to "find a way out of the demon world". This could be purely to add to the setting of the story and we might never actually reach that point, but that could also become the possible ultimate lategame goal. We dont know, imma let them surprise me.

EDIT: i typed this story and picked up a phonecall when there was only the OP in the thread. Now i see there are lots of other posts b4 mine, sorry if i repeat things that have already been said.

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Surviving is easy if that's your only goal, it's the things you do to have fun that kill you, leaving your safe area, attacking that pig village, going after that tentacle, etc . . . setting new goals stretches things out a bit, and makes you die a lot more than simply following your routine.

If I wanted to follow a boring routine I'd just do things that were productive rather than play this game. I could put in some extra hours a work to put some extra money in the bank, to upgrade the furnishings of my house and maybe set a little more aside and call that extra money "score". Then I could brag about what a great survivor I am, and show off all the stuff I'd built up. YAY?!?!?

I'm playing a game to relax and have fun with my wife so sometimes I take a risk, do something stupid. I've died a lot tonight, yesterday it was her night to die often. We laugh at the deaths until it gets annoying then take a break from the game. The problem isn't that it's too easy to survive it's that it's too BORING to survive. We need more challenges and more things to do. But not in such a way that it becomes super frustrating rather than something we can laugh at together. I don't want to be forced to play differently, I want to be challenged to keep playing the same, or have something happen to make it fun and interesting.

Winter will help with that, it's a good way to go. Having the world evolve and new creatures appear would help a lot, having things like the hounds in play helps, but it's not even close to enough. I've heard that the developers think that having a goal would distort game play, but not having a goal also distorts game play because I have no real incentive to take risks or do new things.

It would be nice to be able to get points in TYPE of survival such a "nomad" points, "farmer" points, "Hunter" points, "Monster hunter" points . . . that would be nifty. It also would be nice if my character got bored of eating rabbit after a while and started grumbling about how a nice salad or beefolo steak might be tasty. Little things that might push me to WANT to leave my comfort zone, or reward me for maintaining my lifestyle in the face of rising challenges.

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