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[Request]Going Insane


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Hello Everyone!

I ask if anyone would make this mod come to life! Anyone is welcome to do it!

If Some parts cant be done please try the others ones

Mod Info

Going Insane:

1. Night Lights fueled all the way up can cause Terror Breaks to spawn and quickly Drops the player's hunger (5 per min) and sanity (12 per min) and also cause for night to be longer.

2. The Nightmare cycle can be controlled using nightmare fuel on nightmare lights, the more you add the more the nightmare cycle get stronger.

3. Hands can emit from pillars in ruins and make the player drop some of his or her items and damage the player. Also when using a fire in ruins the hands will try to remove the fire's light.

4. Ruins has chest that will spawn Clock Works and hallucinations

5. A new item called "The Rod of Controlling") can control Nightmares (another part of the mod)

to make them as your minon (crafted using 2 purple gem 5 nightmare fuel and 5 gold under the Dark Works tab)

6. Nightmares are an advanced version of hallucinations. There are 3 Types of them

(1)Nightmare: Nightmare can summon hallucinations and can only spawn at 0 sanity

(2)Darkness: Darkness can change it's surroundings (make flowers evil flowers, make trees dead, etc.)

and can teleport you a small distant from were your standing and can only spawn at 10 sanity.

(3)DarkWorks: DarkWorks is like a Clockwork Bishop but it also has the abilities of hallucinations, when killed has a 75% chance to drop 3 dark gears and a 90% chance to drop 1 and a 50% to drop 10 nightmare fuel

7.In ancient you can create a machine for prototyping called Dark Works (crafted using 3 purple gems 9 nightmare fuel and 7 Dark Gears (more info on this later!)

8.Lost Abagail or Chester? Not any more with the tracking amulet. The Tracking amulet lets you teleport

them back when using it. Simpily right click on chest or abagail with the amulet and when right clicking it in your inventory they teleport to you. Craft in Dark Works tab using 1 red gems 3 gold and 1Telelocator Staff. 

Anyone is free to use parts for mods!

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The requests are to big, its large amount of hard work, and even some of the things may be impossible to do (didn't read all points).

If you want someone take request be reasonable and keep it simple. Its not only making the mod but updating it after game updates so its long term work.

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I've made a change of plans anyone if free to take the mod. it would be nice to take full credit but im not that great of a coder.

i manged to pull apart a mod and make one of my own but was useless. i dont even know most of this, so i going to make this free for anyone

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