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  1. Need a little help

    Ok everything worked. Sorry for asking so many questions. How do i make my character eat only meat and benefit from eating monstermeat?
  2. Need a little help

    That didnt work...
  3. Need a little help

    For some reason, no matter what i do, I cant remove charlie. The other shadow code worked tho!
  4. Need a little help

    Thanks for the help so far. That worked perfectly. Now all i ask is how do i make my character not get attacked by terrorbreaks (unless attacked) and immune to charley?
  5. Need a little help

    inst.components.hauntable:SetOnHauntFn(onhaunt) made the resurrect part not work. :\
  6. Need a little help

    @DarkXero, I tried it about 10 times and it never broke.
  7. Need a little help

    Where, and which one?
  8. Need a little help

    OK so now I've get everything edited to work how it is supposed to, except i have a problem. I need the item to have a common chance of being destroyed when it is haunted (Not always. And most of the time). The current code: