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  1. I'm a bit confused. Is this change deployed yet or not?
  2. Reviving the topic.The mod will be updated the mod in a few minutes. I know it's long overdue, but it's been a busy year. You can see the Changelog in the original post. Also, the mod will be available on steam only for now (meaning you can't download it off of Klei's downloads section).
  3. Exactly. It's due to the save / load mechanism "reseting" for some reason when you die in a cave.
  4. We're kinda hoping to be done(?) in a couple of months ?
  5. So yeah , like the title says , is it possible to add custom events to 'listen' for ? Such as: inst:ListenForEvent ("attacked", dosomecoolstuff) inst:ListenForEvent("lightningstrike",dosomething) Those events are already present in the game. Don't exactly know where and how they work yet.
  6. Still does. You can't get all those gears on the above world.
  7. Of course.And it should be still doable. I'm assuming you'd want to add some sort of Identify function to your items , so you should be able to use: inst.AnimState:SetBank("identifieditembank") inst.AnimState:SetBuild("identifieditembuild") inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle")
  8. You mean the upgrade notebook ? It works. All items are tested and tried , there are no invisible ones. Not unless you did something to the mod files.
  9. I said I'd help if he wants not if he needs . It'd be ready faster , that was the point .
  10. This is actually a cool idea. I could help you with development if you want . Also , you sure you want items to look the same regardless of magic enhancement ?
  11. Like I said , the WX code has no reason to be in the AOS mod main. There's all kinda of problems that that code will cause if you don't delete it.