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whats your meat effigy strategy?

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so i kinda suck at this game...think 11 days is the most i've survived cause every fight i get into i get completely destroyed. i think hounds are the only thing i've killed.

so obviously i want meat effigys...lots of them...now

can you only use beefalo meat to build them?

if so how are you guys killing beefalos? i just tried and about 5 aggro'd me (which i added to the wiki page about them haha)

can i trap spiders and then place nests close to the herd? will they fight amongst themselves so i can swoop in afterwards and collect the drops?

i'm getting frustrated losing all my work and progress over and over again without really getting anywhere.

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A good source of meat is pig men. I found the safest way to get the meat and skins from them is to cause a tree guardian to spawn nearby and bring it over to the pig village; proceed to watch all the pigs get slaughtered and get tons of meat and skins! :D

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You can use any "cooked meat", this includes both pigs and buffalo, which makes it more easy to farm.

Find a pig village, hire a bunch of them and go hunting buffaloes... if they don't kill the cow they will die and drop meat anyway...so its a win-win. The other option is to slaughter the entire village, but be careful and wack one by one


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Pigs also drop "meat", they're much easier to kill and even lure away from each other since they try to run from you.

Although if you can kill hounds what are you dying from exactly. I think you're better off getting a logsuit, football helmet and spear and then work out how to kill whatever it is as effective as possible (take minimal hits from them).

edit: jese 4 posts late...

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i've been killed by tall birds, spiders (in a group) optimus pine. i've made the log suit but hate that i have to give up my backpack to equip it. still havn't managed to find the pigs on my 5 island map, guess i just need to spot them and lure one away.

so pigs will attack beefalo on sight?

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No pigs do not attack beefalo on sight. Btw dont hunt the beefalo, most people dont. We use them for the poo, to manure our berry bushes and farms, and since last patch, our grass. U can hunt them if u really want to, but then ull have to keep running till most of them give up chasing. Usually only 1 will continue, the rest will Soon lay off.

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