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Hi Klei,

I have a touch screen laptop with Windows 8 and since Don't Starve can be fully played with the mouse, it is playable with just the touchscreen. However, the only problem is that everything needs to be double-tapped, because the first tap acts like a mouse-hover while the second tap actually clicks the thing.

I know that the current stance is to get it working for PC and then expand to other platforms, but this tweak for Windows 8 touch devices would be pretty simple. Something like a simple option in the menu to turn on/off touch mode, which just makes it so that the first tap or "click" registers as clicking on the object instead of hovering over it, would be pretty simple to implement, I think.

Don't Starve is lots of fun to play on a touchscreen, so I hope this gets some thought!



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I don't mean a port to Android because that would be difficult, but just a tweak for Windows 8 Touch Devices which Don't Starve already runs on. It's just harder to play having to tap everything twice using a touch screen, and it's easily changeable.

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Yeah, Windows 8(.1) support would be awesome. I'd love to play Don't Starve on my tablet, got a Dell Venue Pro 8. You might want to check that one out Kevin, it's a pretty decent machine with a full Windows 8.1 and its only 250€.

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