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  1. So, I uploaded the second part of my series today. Much more progress than last time and didn't even die! Got a nice world generation too by the looks of things so far Enjoy!
  2. Thanks a lot dude, I'm glad you enjoyed it I really want to play a tonne of this game again lately but it would just ruin it for my Let's Play if I did. So tempting though
  3. Hey guys! My name's Krimbo - or rather, Jamie. But I go by 'Krimbo' online. I'm 20 years old, born 'n raised in England, currently studying Graphic Design at university. I've been uploading a Let's Play of Minecraft (Attack of the B-Team to be precise), for a while now and I decided to upload a Don't Starve video today! I used to play the game a lot but have not played in a very long time, so bare that in mind. I would love to get some feedback, whether it's good or bad, just to see what you guys thought of my first video. So, the link to my first episode is here: or you can watch it on this little box here Thank you!
  4. We all know how good Tallbird eggs are, I keep a couple in a chest in case I'm ever low on health. But when you collect them, Tallbirds don't stop following you or at least for a long time. I feel like I have to kill them which then means more eggs won't spawn. I think that the eggs should hatch over a period of time so you never run out of tallbirds to provide the eggs.
  5. Either way. Minecraft was beta for a LONG time. They probably tripled the games content whilst it was in beta. I'm hoping Don't Starve add just as many things to do as well.
  6. You do realise this game is an alpha right? Not even a beta. Alpha - playable state. Meaning, its not a finished product. They're adding things to it all the time. I gather you've heard of Minecraft before. Don't Starve is way more developed than Minecraft was in Alpha. There's tons of things to do in the game already, not mentioning the content they add every two weeks. Also, Minecraft didn't have an 'end game' until one of the latest versions.
  7. I'd love don't starve to be available on android tablet.
  8. I agree. The bar on the side and the left take up quite a bit of room. Rather than a button, a drop-down menu kind of thing would be better. Like a little button you click in the top left for the crafting and a little square in the middle at the bottom for the inventory. The stuff on the right should always be there though. Its important.