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Okay, so I crafted a backpack, switching my log suit to my main inventory, and then went about harvest resources as usual. Now I've started to carry my resources in my backpack because I mainly use them for crafting, so that frees up my main inventory for tools and food. However I've encountered an odd annoyance.

Okay, so I've got less than a full stack of a resource in my main inventory, I move it into the backpack, and then I collect some more of that very same resource... only it creates a new stack of sai resource in my main inventory instead of adding it to the existing stack in the backpack. It only seems to stack directly to the backpack if you main inventory is full.

It goes without saying that I think items should automatically stack with any existing stack that is not at its maximum, whether it's in your main inventory or inside the backpack. Thoughts?

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I think you've been ninja'd.;) But I do agree, it was probably just an oversight.

So I went out for some coffee with a friend before posting my thread... sue me. :p

You should try filling that stack before placing it into your backpack if you find it tedious. However I do agree with you it should automatically fill into the backpack, I see no reason why it shouldn't.

Yup... that's what I do, because the alternative is annoying. Not that having to move the stack from my main inventory to the backpack isn't tedious in its own way... but still better than seeing two partial stacks.

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