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How i get Fireflies

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I only figured this out last night.

When you wander around, you see like yellow specks of light seeming to float up from the ground in certain places, yes? I always thought this was something magical I had to dig out of the floor, but apparently these are the fireflies. Just get a bug net and place a small fire near them at night, so they are just at the edge of the firelight, and hold your bug net and place your cursor over this light and you will see it change to "catch". Just go over and catch them, job done.

You get a few each time you catch them, and they aren't needed for many things, and the things I have used them in so far can be destroyed to give you the flies back again. But be careful, as there aren't many of them, so don't use them thinking you can get plenty more

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Recon of firefly locations during the day is a good idea. Then you'll know where to be come nightfall.

Alternately you can create a few torches and using them search for fireflies. When you spot them you select your bug net from your inventory and click on the fireflies with it. You'll automatically approach them switch to the bugnet and catch them. Just remember the moment you do you'll be plunged into darkness as they're gone and you're now holding the bug net. Just RMB on the torch to re-equip it and then hunt for more fireflies...

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