Simple additions any 2.5D game should have

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Auto loot - A key that will allow you to pick up the nearest object on the ground and place it in your inventory...

Diablo 1/2 kinda inched around that by adding a hotkey that shows item names on the side and you simply click the names to go to that item. Either way I believe it is a MUST due to visibility limitations such as tree/structure blockage.

Possibly add viewing area around the character when you are behind things. This is another solution or addition to help the original solution and make the game more enjoyable. I found it frustrating having to adjust where I was looking or remove things in the way when I wanted to loot something off the ground. Being able to view your character and the surrounding area would allow for a LOT more environmental effects to be added to the game as well.

I know the later is much more complex but at the very least being able to easily grab loot of the ground should be a minimum.

Also this is on the STEAM version for me FYI :p

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Still think the ability to view "through" objects and see your character/immediate area around him/her would be beneficial to the game over all.
I think camera rotation is fine, and just as heads up, with the next update, the camera rotates with q and e instead of the arrow buttons, much more convenient imo.
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We need a new invention... the Everything Magnet! Then you could auto-collect all nearby loot faster. Not enough room in your inventory? It just collects at your feet.

There, problem solved. ;)

lol, imagine a small cloud of lootables just dragging along the ground behind you as you flee from werepigs

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