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King of the Pigs what does he do?

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I wanted to be merciful so i only killed one rabbit and cloned his meat through farms. Later on i killed a couple of buffalos and cloned their meat too, and noticed it was the same.I prefer it this way... I'd hate to kill all rabbits or all buffalos just to get some gold from the king. (Lumber and amulets are the best source of research imo anyway.)

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Actually one way of farming research points is to take down spider nests. They provide monster meat which you can cook and silk. Both of these things get you a nice amount of research points. Then you can simply replant the spider nest and repeat the cycle. This is an issue that needs to be tinkered with though. It makes getting research points way too easy.

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I mainly have a problem with the pigs in general. I try to befriend them...give them food...and they still don't like me. LOL. What do I have to do to befriend these guys?! Just bought the game last night and survived 9 days before accidentally attacking a pig...in which of course...they retaliated and killed me. I've been thinking about attacking a spider nest and running in their direction in the hopes they would attack them and I would get a lot of meat. LOL. I'm afraid of spiders...even computer-generated ones...so I've stayed away from them. But it sucks not having any "friends" and trapping stupid rabbits to get meat. LOL. I want excitement...just don't want to die. On the bright side...maybe the next time I die I'll have racked up enough points to play as Wendy.

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