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  1. Unable to COOK!!!

    Hey there not sure if its my internet connection because im playing on my laptop but i always get a lag when the game is saving and sometimes i am unable to cook any food Now this has happen to me on separate games of Don't Starve but it fixes itself right after i exit and relaunch the game...doesn't happen often but when it does it annoys
  2. how do you kill a beefalo i keep getting rushed!!! Does the Pig King give you anything other than gold???Is there a possibility that you log cabins will be put into the game???Are spiders, darkness and tentacles the only threat in the game???boats and fishing rods should be implemented into the game = fish for food, boats for travel and sea monster/sharks for threats!!!
  3. hey i found a pig king too... I gave him cooked rabbit meat and he pooped a piece of gold!!! everything else didnt work but i didnt try pig meat yet!!!
  4. The End? =D Over a 100 days!

    Pig King gives you gold every time you feed him cooked meat but it has to be regular meat!!!
  5. SO far, I am on day 15 or so and i got almost about every thing...but i was wondering if there was a way you stop the pigs from following you for a moment...i mean i know they help but sometimes i feel like they get in the way. oh and can they have a health/hunger display bar when you hover over them cuz i hate wen they take my meat and die shortly after :(Another thing, i was wondering if you it would be possible break down and move the things you build???Can we build a sword cuz that deals damage??? cuz i hate using my axes and pick axes to fight!!!But so far i love the changes and the game overall...cant w8 for release keep it up!!!