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Cats, Dont Starve Art

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I'm so excited. But actually though, I think I may have a problem. My heart is going at 100mph. I'm gonna die if I don't get a Shelby :)

We will welcome you with`closed arms (to avoid awkwardness)But still, I'm rather excited as well. New art is always exciting :D
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Oh, whisp, I hope you don't mind if I use your shelby for my "looks like" section. I will reference you, of coarse.

You requested it so it's completely fine :)

no matter, your made your job good with the koalefant, will wait for more great art!

Also what was it you wanted to know about Whisp? Edited by WhispNcat
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I am working on the picture to work but I'm just going to write about Whisp later... And after looking at avatars... I went depressed again :( but here I go again posting another version of Whisp colored.

Posted Image

I should really go back to trying to draw Don't starve related stuff...

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