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  1. I saw a TV show which was full of bacon.Like a bacon milkshake,hotdog with bacon,Bacon Bomb.But my bacon at home was good too (Bacon Sandwich: Bread/Bacon/Bacon/Bacon/Bread )-estierEdit:A few days ago i saw a bacon styled wallet
  2. 5 seconds ago I thought about a deerclops and what about a slurper hat for the winter
  3. Are you gonna sell him?Or can you make a Beefalo?
  4. There is one called Warbler in the mod Forum but it does not work
  5. Hi,I want to make a Character for Don't Starve.I tried to make one but i failed.Could you make one for me?The Character model has to look like this:Thanks to Willete who drew the portrait
  6. Willet could you help me a little bit pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. Hi,I'm playing ,,Don't Starve'' since the beta and now I'm going to make my own character.But I'm not the best in drawing things so could someone draw a portrait for me like for Wilson,Willow,Wendy......My idea is:The character is a penguin.His name is Wengull.His title is ..The cool one''His quote is ,,Brrrrrrr....''Special abilitys:*Has a high santy*Has a big stomach*less healthThats what I'm thinking off
  8. Hiii could you draw Maxwell with a bunny in his hand?
  9. Could you draw a Slurp thats eating an ice cream?