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Steam Key issues

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I'm trying to download and install the game with steam. I purchased it when it was only available thorugh the Humble Bundle page.

So, I click on options, I click on "get steam key". I enter my chrome key, click submit and...

"Please log in to your account on The Humble Bundle Store to get your Steam Key. Got questions? Ping as at our forums!"

Seriously? I'm registered already with an e-mail. Can't the key be e-mailed to me? Whatever. I want my steam key so let's do this. I go to the humble bundle page and try to log in. Strange. I's not taking my usual username and password. So, I click on "recover password" enter my e-mail and...

"You are receiving this email because you attempted to reset your Humble Bundle password. Our records indicate that you have purchased items from us in the past, but you have not yet created a Humble Bundle account with this email address."

(Note: Don't Starve is the only game I have ever purchased from the humble bundle store)

So, I was able to buy it without registering? Interesting. So, why should I register now? Whatever. I want my steam key so let's do this.

I register aaaand ..the key is nowhere to be found. I close chrome, log into humble bundle, open the game on chrome and go through the whole thing again because maybe I was supposed to be logged in before. Whatever. I want my steam key so let's do this. Same thing. No steam key.

TL;DR/Conclusion: Please, either make the steam keys easy to find/get, send them to the registered e-mail address or send detailed instructions to the registered e-mail address.

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Hey there Zippoman, if you go to the email that you got when you purchased the game, you will get a unique URL that has your keys for chrome as well as steam. Unless you associated that page with a humble account, this will be the only way to get that code.

If you are still having issues, you can go here to resend the email: http://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender or contact the Humble Store.

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How about me, I was given the key (i'm the second key owner)

Don't starve asks to login to Humble Bundle, then Humble Bundle says this:

Log in to your account.

Navigate to your download page (check your email records for the link).

Click the "Claim this page" button.

I suppose I must guess what they mean...

I have to concur with zippoman, getting your steam key is very poorly guided.

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We are checking into this. We will probably need to change the messaging to be more clear.

You will need to get the steam/chrome key from the original person who gave it to you, they have it in the humble store in the same place the first key was.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Thanks for all the responses.

I went back to the original e-mail, just as JoeW mentioned and , indeed, where I only had the chrome keys before, the URL now shows me the button to get the Steam key as well.

And THAT was incredibly easy :eek:. So, yes, I believe the in-game message is what actually caused the confusion.

On a side note, that's the second time you welcomed me here, Excess. YOu already assisted me in the only other question I ever posted :)

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Nothing you can do .When you buy something from the humble store, whoever either ties that item to their humble account, or has it sent to their e-mail account is the one who gets the full page. I have bought games from the humble store before and thats how it goes. Your going to have to contact the person who bought the game from the humble store page and get the key from them directly.

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