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  1. Is there a way to save the map or re use it? I like when I'm given the option to choose to play it hard or make it easier. The spirit of the game might be yours, but how I want to play it, is mine
  2. An empty backpack should be able to be carried as another item
  3. I think it would be apropiate not to have a maps from the beggining. What if you had to make it with papyrus? and then you can mark it. By the way, a minimap is usefull, but a map makes it more realistic (if you will) and "difficult". I rather the map as it is
  4. How about me, I was given the key (i'm the second key owner) Don't starve asks to login to Humble Bundle, then Humble Bundle says this: Log in to your account. Navigate to your download page (check your email records for the link). Click the "Claim this page" button. I suppose I must guess what they mean... I have to concur with zippoman, getting your steam key is very poorly guided.
  5. You can drop them while holding them, but only drops 1, regardless of how many you have
  6. I don't know you, guys, but I didn't find anything that gives me as much points as tallbirds eggs, 80 points. I have a route where I collect 6 of them. They are the best hunger/healing and the best for research. I just used gold for the machines and tools, I don't care for rocks and gold any more. With so much ahead of us, so much to come, I think is premature to talk about the availability of gold an use as a matter to be taken care of right now
  7. Hey, the beefalo idea is really great! you could add a chest to it and there you go! There are some points to be taken: 1. taming 2. behaviour 1. Taming could be feeding him # of a particular fruit, which takes some work and time to get. 2. Behaviour. I have some ideas: a. Tamed beefalo would wonder just as any untamed beefalo b. A leash could be used as a tool, using ropes. You would weild it and use it on a tamed beefalo, from that point you walk at his speed and both move together at walking speed. If you swap the tool, the beefalo is free to wonder. c. The leash could be attached to the ground or a tree to prevent the beefalo to wonder off d. Tamed beefalos should be fed at least once every three days (so you can leave to scout or adventure for a while) or set loose and become untamed, leaving the chest on the ground. Optional, it would disapear as if returned to its origina location.
  8. Hi there, Right now, any moving creature, including the player, can push chests. This is ok to relocate them or adjust their position, but the fact that every time you touch them (or a pigman) it moves, it ends upt with chests all spread. To solve this I suggest chests shouldn't move, instead, if emptied, they should be pickable, to relocate them. Another thing about chests. In ocations, if I open a chest (any of my 7) it might end up open, disregarding of my distance to it. I can interact with it as if I was standing next to it, no matter how far I am, and it won't close unless I close it or open another chest. Sometimes werepigs remain werepigs during the day. I noticed that feeding them monster meat can trigger the transformation. Cannot drop a stack of pine cones, they can be dropped one at a time. So if you have a stack of 32 in your hand, you have drop the 32 one by one. That should be changed. It'd be great to have a home or a big tent, something you can base on. Something that would work as a permanent straw roll. Well, that's what comes to my mind at this hour. Great job so far! looks like we're gonna see more fun stuff!