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Hammers and Honeycombs

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I think it means that a unit need not be considered a placed floor tile to be broken, but instead can be an entity or cell.

I hope thats a bad joke ^^'

Right now you get half the mats back.

Floor Rounds down,

Ceil(ing) Rounds up.

So if originaly an item took 7 it would have ALWAYS rounded down to 3. Now it will be 4.

Or for the honeycomb's case, 1 instead of 0.

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As a mathematician, he means that the ceiling function will be used, as opposed to the floor function.

Ceil(1.999)=2 and Floor(1.999)=1. I hope that makes it very clear. It seems that using a hammer gives back an exact amount, rather than a probability. (I haven't made or used a hammer in game yet)

Edit: Scooped by a minute.

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