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Second copy of the game

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I was just wondering. Many of us bought this game pre-puchasing it, and we got second copy of the game intended to be gifted to friends. Well, I have just a few friends in Steam, I asked them about Don't Starve, but none of them was interested in it. So my copy will wait someone in far future or I can just gift it to random person, who wanted to get it but simply have no money. You possibly saw them too, random guys who register here just to ask for copy. I know, it's kinda strange, give your game that you can give to your friend in future - to someone you dont even know.

But...is there any sense of keeping that copy presumably forever? Or it will be better to show some charity and share this nice game with others?


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I am still sitting on my key aswell, my gf does not want to play it ( :( ) and I got those of my steam friends who were interested in it to actually buy it for themself instead of taking my key :D

The real question is, will these key work for an infinite time, or will they be useless after i.e. the game leaves beta? I guess that will not be the case, so I will keep sitting on my key for a while to the moment I meet someone I really want to give the key not, not just some randome stranger on a forum asking for it.

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Trading for Dota2 is stupid for one simple reason.

Dota 2 devs are giving free keys to everyone just to increase number of players, I already have 2 free keys and noone of my friends need them cuz they have 2 Dota2 keys themselves. Trading Don't Starve for free game is quite...stupid?

I agree, there is no sense in giving your copy to a stranger, who can simply lie to you, take your copy of the game and trade it for something else. But I also know, that there are real guys who want to play this nice game but simply don't have money for it, and if we love this game - shouldn't we share it with others, especially if we don't need our second keys?

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