Only Google wallet?

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Someone could tell me if we can buy the game by other way than google wallet?:confused:P.S.: Don't worry if you don't understand, it's maybe because I'm french^^

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Hello from Germany ;),i have the same question. Is there any other way to preorder the game. I really want to, but in Europe Credit Cards arent very common, so Google Wallet. PayPal would be nice. I know isn't the cheapest way, but i would pay the paypal fees.Maybe there is a way for the european fans? ;)Greetings from Bremen

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News is coming Soon. Like... any moment, Soon. We are just getting all the pieces together.

We actually have it ready so as Soon as we can, we will turn it on and you will be good to go.

is there something wrong with google wallet to where it wont always accept visa cards?? I've been trying for the last few days ):
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