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  1. i'll gather the torches and balogna sandwiches then
  2. what if they're like the characters toys but he buried them for whatever reason and blocked it out of his mind??maybe the parents died?
  3. Uh oh are we about to lead a war against pigmen?!
  4. D; it does look as if I'm about to make porkchops out of him...mmmmmm, porkchops..
  5. Poor little guy..Is he worried the big bad wolf is coming?!
  6. by the way can you dig anywhere? or is it just in the graveyard?
  7. wow i didnt realize there was so much i didnt know about this game!!
  8. I'm still learning what to do in this game and still making some stupid decisions but I cant wait for the new update c;
  9. Mmm Pickled pigs feet.. and rocky mountian beefalo oysters?!
  10. is there something wrong with google wallet to where it wont always accept visa cards?? I've been trying for the last few days ):