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First and foremost I love the game so far. It has a unique 2d Art style which adds as a welcome seight to the remedial tasks that the genra is known for.

Is there a plan for mod support? I don't mod myself. Having the ability to change the UI based on the controlled character as an example would be refreshing.

I'm not saying give us total control to do whatever we want, even though that would be awsome, Ui elements detachable, resizable and linked to a character profile. Not sure if anyone who reads this will know what I mean but Rift's detachable UI model is great in that respect. Unfortunately, it has no character profile so everycharacter has to start aaall over again. Anyway, I hope you get my point.

I didn't want to make this too long as a first post and get offtrack which is a bad habbit, but thoes are the breaks. Once again, great game and hope to see nothing but good things down the road.

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I think this has been suggested before.

The response went a bit like this from the devs

The coding is still bit fragile. Still being changed all the time and with bugs coming in and being hot fixed. They are not ready for something like UI.

I think thats the right answer. UI isnt my specialty.

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I heard the UI will probably be getting another overhaul before release. Heard that from a Dev who was in a twitch stream yesterday, fun stuff. My gripes with it are small. I hope they change it so that the titles of the buttons on the menu aren't cut off, like survival can read as "ival" if your cursor is all the way on the edge of the screen. The mouse cursor is another issue, but I wouldn't want that changed unless they can do it without affecting game performance. After a few days with the new build I still don't like the menus staying open until you manually close them. Those are my very small complaints with it.

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