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  1. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    I love the mod, great job ! I'm wondering how far along you are with controller support ?
  2. (abandoned) Wide FOV

    Hey, is this working with RoG or is there a different version ?
  3. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Hello Kioph, love your mods. I am wondering how far away controller support is for RPG Hud ?
  4. Max Stacks

    Love the mod. Hope when you can, update. Thanks.
  5. Freezer

    How would one change the amount of space in the freezer? My thinking is that it's a freezer. We pack things in freezers all the time . 16-19 placement slots sounds like a good number. Is this something you have to change or can users like myself change it with your direction ?
  6. Freezer

    Not sure why but the recipe isn't counting the Nitre I have. I have restarted the game, dropped the Nitre & picked it back up, broke it into stacks, put all but 20 into storage and but the Nitre on my main bar with the Blue gem and the gears but for some reason I cannot get this mod to reconize Nitre !? Also, I removed all my other mods and their folders.
  7. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Question, well, more of a clarification on changing priorities. I use Display food/healing item values (DF/HIV), RPG HUD & Always On Status and will be trying out Camp Rez. So far all 3 work together if I don't change the priorities. Adding in Camp Rez means having to change the priority order. I don't think I am inputing the order correctly. Always On Status > RPG HUD > Camp Rez. Do I make the priorities ascending or decending ? Should DF/HIV be priority = 1 , RPG HUD priority = 2 , Camp Rez priority = 3 or DF/HIV priority = 3 , RPG Hud priority = 2 , Camp Rez priority = 1 ? Also, if for some reason changing the priorities makes AoS crash DS, should AoS be put in a priority ?
  8. (abandoned) Always On Status

    So, I finally had to start changing version around to see if earlier ones are compatible like you asked. I deleted the mods folder, re-installed Don't Starve so I could get a fresh start. Game starts fine, when I click on mods I get this, ( ) . The thing is I don't have ANY mods iinstalled through the workshop or manualy. This just keeps getting getter. I checked the integrity of the game cache and it was ok. I restarted Steam, re-installed the game a few times, re-started my computer and still got this message. Edit: Wow, this sure is weird. For the heck of it I installed a mod to see if it would install a necessary/missing file and it worked. Not the original issue of your conflickting mods with me but geez, didn't know there has to be a mod in there otherwise it would crash. Now that it is working again I will try and swap around different versions and see what works.
  9. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Not sure why this is happening. I have uninstalled all my mods and only installed " Alway's On Status v6.1 " & " RPG HUD v5.00 " and they are still conflicting and only when enabled together, separate they are ok even when I installed and enabled other mods. I sincerely do apologize for my hassle. This is the message I get when both enabled, " " . Edit: I just re-read the post before me, is the BareBones version the only one working for people with this problem atm and the others in time ? I didn't mean to come off as ignorant or anything, sry if this ^ is the case.
  10. (abandoned) Always On Status

    I deleted my Don't Starve Local content after deleting the mods folder. Re-installed, re-download both " Always on Status v6.00 " & " RPG Hud v5.00 ". They both work separately but not when enabled together. I get this error; " "
  11. (abandoned) Always On Status

    Great mods btw. I seem to get and an error when I run " Always on Status v6.00 " & " RPG Hud v5.00 " that was updated recently. They both work seperatly but together I get this ; . Well it seems I don't know how to properly add an image to a post. I have a screenshot saved to mspaint but can't seem to "My Media" or attach it in anyway. I looked it up here, " ". but to no avail. Edit: I get the same message and the poster below me.
  12. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    I hope your vacation went well Kiopho.Love your mod, I don't play without it. Looking forward to the update when it becomes available.
  13. Ty Palpetinusfor your support and all other Klei members on the forums especualy in reguards to this issue ( I spell like poop). I agree it's one thing to have an unsupporting opinion and another to spew projectile vomit accross the forums, not saying it's that bad here but the interweb can be quite critical or others. Thanks all for your responses.
  14. Yeah, I just hope there was a way for Klei to see my account info to see if I have received the extra key. I wouldn't mind even giving them ( a senior Klei member) my Steam login info so they can verify. I will probably just purchase another key from Klei's website but I reall would like to save the $ since I am moving in 2 weeks
  15. I got a response back from Steam Support and this is what they said, : Hello,A staff member has replied to your question:Hello Kevin,Thank you for contacting Steam Support.We apologize for the delay.Support for this title is provided by the original developer or publisher. Please refer to the following article for more information on contacting the support team for this title:Title: Don't StarveLink: is recommended that you complete any applicable steps on the page linked above. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, you click the blue "technical support" link provided in the article to contact the support department for this title. If you have any further questions, please let us know - we will be happy to assist you.As an alternate resource, please check Steam Discussions for other users that may have resolved this issue. You can find this game by using the search box near the top of the page: you wish you can view your question online: suggestions on what I should do now ?