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I found a Mandrake!

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I would post a picture but I'm playing through google chrome browser and I can't upload my screenshot on the forum, however, I did find a mandrake rooted in the ground. I plucked it out, it screamed then dropped to the ground, and what do you know, I have a mandrake now! SO...what should I do with it? Put it in the research machine? Cook it over the fire? Cook it in a crockpot over the fire? Any suggestions???

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drop it at your camp and use it to remember that you should only unroot them at night.

what I usually do with my mandrakes is lokate them all, get them to my camp while its dark, let them plant themself at my camp, and on the day I decide to commit suicide for a new map, I plug them all out at night so they can get on my nerves while I wait for the darkness to kill me.

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