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Battle Rond nerf prediction. yes or no?

Battle Rond NERF  

89 members have voted

  1. 1. Will the Battle Rond get nerfed next patch?

  2. 2. Does it deserve to get nerfed?

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I'm rather indifferent to a nerf because I fail to see the value in the thing. I kind of don't care. Perhaps if the block were usable on switch, I'd see more value in it, but as it stands, it's really just a big gold sink. 


Nerf, don't nerf it, I just want to see your predictions.

I'll make the voter names public so we can cross examine who will be right or who will be wRONDg

Get it?

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2 hours ago, chirsg said:

Neutral is don't vote. 

Neutral is "I've read the topic, I understand the issue, am into the group seeing the problem but I don't feel particularly pro or against, or I don't know" - this best applies to "Will the Battle Rond get nerfed next patch?": I have no idea what KLei thinks, and speculating based on nothing much brings nothing of value to the proverbial table. You need to have as a reference for interest the "blank control lot" to not conclude "people aren't interested, so is not worth taking a look into this" from devs' side. In this particular case I believe the neutral people form quite the margin. That should be counted.

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From my perspective, the rond is low key kinda useless. The literal only time I've considered using it against dragonfly to block the first hits after she starts flying towards you, and that's it. Even without my playstyle preferences, there just isn't a lot of bosses that this is good against to warrent a dps downgrade. If I had it my way, I'd buff it by allowing people to quick swap to a shield for the parry damage boost and puts the shields cooldown. It's a niche weapon for a small number of fights, I don't see any reason to nerf it for being used the way it was meant to be used.

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