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[Game Update] - 584404

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  • Developer

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed BERNIE!’s health.
  • Fixed the duration of Burning Frenzy.
  • Fixed an issue causing Burning Frenzy to not show for clients.
  • Fixed the hole in the ice from being able to be grabbed by boats.
  • Fixed Bootleg getting out of world bounds while spawning or teleporting.
  • Fixed a crash related to Hungry Lighter.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Combustion skill.
  • Fixed a crash related to Embers.

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Combustion seems to only work on hostile mobs like spiders and not work at all on normally friendly mobs like pigs even if your in combat with them also considering what it does I feel like it should either have it's range increased or it's cost reduced.

Edit: It doesn't seem to work on Merms either

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TL;DR at bottom if you don’t wanna read a lot (I get it don’t worry)

I haven’t properly tested the new insight trees or the boss (once I do I’ll share my thoughts and suggestions) but I do have a suggestion for insight in general and it’s to add an optional resort button because (for lack of better term) more skilled players can get much more fun out of a world if you have to re-collect the insight, but I don’t wanna punish new players for dieing a lot and not being able to gather insight so if there is an optional reset insight button that’s out of the way (maybe you’d have to do it per character in the compendium) it could both not punish new players and provide more fun opportunities for skilled players.

TL;DR: Please make an optional insight reset button that is out of the way so if someone wants to they can do that

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