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I think you should be able to save the profile that has everything researched in a safe location. Then you can play a fresh game if you want. If you wish to go back it should be a matter of replacing the profile with the one you saved. I'll try this later.

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This is easily one of my biggest issues with the game at the moment. The game is too rigid to be a toybox (like minecraft) which it seems to be trying to be at the moment and forcing you to start over for every game would be the perfect way to make it more of a game. That and also making it much much harder to research. Ultimately the game (in my eyes) should really be all about exploration, so forcing people to go exploring by hiding away the research materials (like the graves, or making monster drops an essential part of research) would be a great way to enhance the gameplay.

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I'm for the simpler approach, when you die or restart you lose all your research points and unlocked inventions. But that's just me.

I agree with you, research should reset with every death. Or at least add a "hardcore mode".

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