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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Issue title Things spawning outside the island Steps to reproduce Randomly happens when generating new maps. Describe your issue Couldn't add the image directly but here is a screenshot of the problem, you can see the tall bird walking outside the map. His egg is also unobtainable. There were similar issues else where on this map. This is the second time I have had this happen in 3 days of playing.
  2. Gave the pig king some stuff from the graves I found...
  3. Think rabbit hunting is easy now? try this... put a berry or carrot on the ground near some rabbits. Let the rabbit come to the food and start the "nibbling" animation. Now run up and slaughter it as the rabbit will not run while they are eating.As an added bonus you get the food back too. Morsels for days. For easy daily meat build 2-3 pig houses near your camp and kill them every mourning for a free meal. I still say the option to dig up and replant things doesn't fit with the feel of the game, everything else is temporary. You constantly need to build traps, torches, fires, etc. I refuse to dig up stuff and place it all near my base. I enjoy making expeditions and picking a single resource to go after. bring an axe, a bedroll, and a stack of meat and head to the "forest island" to make a day of wood collection. TL;DR -Agree bunny spawning needs a nerf. -Get rid of the shovel's effect on the berry bush.
  4. That is what gave me the idea originally, I wanted to post how far I had made it and see if I could get other people's record as well.
  5. Make research re-settable, similar to how we can reset the world in the menu. I feel like once you have researched everything the game is infinity easier then before and I would like to have that challenge back.
  6. I was upset about it as well, and though after playing for another 6 hours or so... you get used to it. My big complaint right now is chest size, I have like 20 chest strewn about my camp and it's just a pain in the butt.
  7. Well I guess but isn't the point of the game already based on the idea to try and survive as long as possible by any means necessary? Making the data public knowledge is the only thing leader boards would change.
  8. As the title says. In the main menu a leader boards that shows player's names, highest number of days survived, and maybe the character they were using when they died.