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  1. It could be nice to use the newest item (the amulet) to resurrect Abigail and get her as a special hidden character
  2. Salt! What a great idea, we should give a use to the sea around us!
  3. I think that fishing is one of the coolest upgrades that have been introduced so far but i think it should be expanded in order to give more deepth to the game. The seas around the islandsncould be used as a resource for fishing and, randomly, seamonsters could spawn to give a further threat to our lives. I also think that building boats could be interesting (think about houseboats) or fire beacons and stuff. the sea takes a lot of place in the map and it's a shame that it just isn't getting used at all. Sunken treasure chests and messages in a bottle among players could be somehing fun. think about writing a message and some other random user getting it... What do you think about it?
  4. Charcoal should be used to let other structures work, the crockpot should work with fire, right? And we should light it up at each use imho, that's how charcoal could be used.
  5. Ranch/farm... This sounds a bit like Harvest Moon tho
  6. Implementing rain and snow will boost the difficulty: Rain turns fires off if not properly covered and snow makes you lose HP if not wearing something for the cold season
  7. Nice job, now let's wait for the official implementations
  8. I got an nVidia and still doesn't run very smooth time to time